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Ladybug Articulation L Sounds Freebie

[Source:  SLP Tree via Teachers Pay Teachers] This cute articulation craft/activity is a fun way to practice initial and final /l/. There are 10 initial targets and 10 final targets with three different color options: color images in black spots, … Continue reading

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SLP Activity of the Week: Articulation Christmas Tree

Editor’s Note:  This week’s pin of the week is from a currently inactive blog.   I believe Speech Lady Liz is not currently working in pediatrics.  Regardless, this blog still has some fantastic ideas for school based speech and language … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: What are Phonological Processes?

by Heidi Hanks – M.S.CCC-SLP We’ve talked a lot about helping kids with articulation disorders here on Mommy Speech Therapy. I’ve shared my Articulation Screener to help you identify the sounds kids are saying in error as well as an … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy Idea of the Week: S-Blends Flip Book for Fall

[Source:  Chitchat and Small Talk] by Pam Dahm Last week I posted a little Halloween Flip Book that was extremely popular with my readers.  I was surprised by it’s popularity, as it was something I made years ago and hadn’t pulled … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Fast Paced Articulation Therapy Through an RTI Model

By: Tamara Truax and JoAnn Tuttle For decades the traditional once-weekly 30 minute group therapy model has been the most common way of treating sound errors in a school-based setting. However, if you ask therapists working on articulation what they … Continue reading

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