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Common Genetic Link Between Autism and Tourettes Impairs Brain Communication

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Lancaster University researchers have discovered, for the first time, how a genetic alteration that increases the risk of developing Autism and Tourette’s impacts on the brain. Their research also suggests that ketamine, or related drugs, may be a … Continue reading

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Autism Resources! December Freebies via The Autism Helper

[Source: The Autism Helper] It’s barely scratching the surface of December and I’ve already got the loads of Christmas presents I need to buy on my brain. This is the time of year where we could really use a few … Continue reading

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New Study Links Same Gene to Both Autism and ADHD

[Source: Science Daily] Researchers from the national psychiatric project iPSYCH have found that autism and ADHD share changes in the same genes. The new knowledge relates directly to the biological causes of the two child psychiatric disorders. In Denmark, approximately … Continue reading

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One Therapy Bests Others at Motivating Kids with Autism to Speak

[Source: Science Daily] Pivotal response treatment involving parents works better than other existing therapies at motivating children with autism and significant speech delays to talk, according to the results of a large study. Because children with autism are less socially … Continue reading

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First Responders Turn To Weighted Blankets To Help Those With Special Needs

[Source: Disability Scoop] With claims that they help with sleep, anxiety and stress, the popularity of weighted blankets increased markedly in 2018. Now, local first responders are utilizing those same calming effects to help people on-scene who have autism or … Continue reading

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