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Marking 15 Years, Autism Speaks Rebrands

[Source:  Disability Scoop] The nation’s largest autism advocacy group is revamping its look to better match its evolving mission and launching an effort to “create a kinder, more inclusive world” for those on the spectrum. As Autism Speaks celebrates its … Continue reading

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Autism Exercise Programs Help Reduce Stereotypic Behaviors

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Do you work with children who are on the autism spectrum? Are you aware that autism exercise programs have shown the potential to reduce stereotypic behaviors? Researchers recently conducted a student to investigate how autism exercise … Continue reading

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Researchers Link Autism To A System That Insulates Brain Wiring

[Source:  NPR] Scientists have found a clue to how autism spectrum disorder disrupts the brain’s information highways The problem involves cells that help keep the traffic of signals moving smoothly through brain circuits, a team reported Monday in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The team … Continue reading

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Researchers ID 102 Genes Linked to Autism

[Source:  Healthline] n the largest genetics study of its kind to date, scientists have identified 102 genes associated with the risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Researchers also gained further insight into which of these genes are associated with both … Continue reading

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Study: 1 in 4 Kids With Autism May Be Undiagnosed

[Source: Psych Central] A new study suggests that one in four children under age 8 with autism spectrum disorder, most of them black or Hispanic, are undiagnosed. For the study, researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey looked at the education and … Continue reading

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