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Autism Corner: Teaching Pronouns to Kids with Autism & Avoiding Pronoun Reversal

[Source:  Mary Barbera.com] Many children with autism have a difficult time teaching pronouns to kids with autism. For instance, if you tell a child, “Hang up your backpack” that child may say “Hang up your backpack” while he’s hanging up … Continue reading

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Potential Biomarker for Autism in Infancy

[Source: Science Daily] People with autism show reduced inhibitory neural activity, reflected in gamma brain waves, and movement abnormalities. Mitsuru Kikuchi and colleagues investigated these two aspects of the disorder by recording the brain activity of five- to seven-year-old children … Continue reading

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Feeding Problems in Children with Autism

[Source: The Journal of Early Intervention via Your Therapy Source] Researchers have determined that there is a higher prevalence of feeding problems in children with autism over three years of age.  The research has consistently found that more than 50% of children … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: Start Preventing Problem Behaviors on the First Day of School

[Source:  The Autism Helper]   Caught your attention with that title didn’t I? I’m sorry, I don’t have a magic wand pill or some type of special ed teacher sorcery to share. There’s no quick fix in the world of … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Tips to Help Manage Noise Sensitivity in Autism

[Source: Best Practice Autism.com] Unusual sensory responses (i.e., sensory over-responsivity, sensory under-responsivity, and sensory seeking) are relatively common in autism (ASD). While no single type of sensory problem is consistently associated with ASD, one of the most commonly reported challenges for people … Continue reading

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