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Playtime with Dad May Improve Children’s Self-Control

[Source: Science Daily] Children whose fathers make time to play with them from a very young age may find it easier to control their behavior and emotions as they grow up, research suggests. The study, by academics at the Faculty … Continue reading

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Peds Therapy Corner: Down Syndrome: Behavioral Problems?

All material Copyright The Down Syndrome Centre.  Reprinted with the  express permission of the The Down Syndrome Centre as originally published on their website. By: Natan Gendelman Simon, a two year old child with Down syndrome whom I was working … Continue reading

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Zones of Regulation Free Printables

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Do you have students who use the Zones of Regulation TM? These Zones of Regulation free printables make excellent visual supports. You can download the full color and black and white version at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Peds Therapy Corner: A De-escalation Exercise for Upset Students

[Source:  Edutopia] So often we find students in a stressed or anxious state of mind. The most telltale signs are inappropriate behaviors or outbursts, negative comments, and anxiety-ridden movements such as fidgeting, leg shaking, and fist clenching. These signals should … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: What is Self Regulation?

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and manage your energy states, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are acceptable and produce positive results such as well-being, loving relationships, and learning. It is how we deal … Continue reading

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