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Autism Corner: Self-Management for Students with ASD

By: Lee A. Wilkinson, PhD, NCSP Introduction The dramatic increase in the number of school-age children identified with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has created a pressing need to design and implement positive behavioral supports in our schools’ classrooms. Autism is … Continue reading

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Behavior Corner: Strategies to Address Challenging Behavior in Young Children with Down Syndrome

[Source: Down Syndrome Online] This article can be found on Down Syndrome Online. Down Syndrome Online offers comprehensive information about Down syndrome, including articles, books and scientific papers. Children with Down syndrome are at an increased risk for engaging in challenging … Continue reading

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Behavior Corner: What Do I Do When They Won’t Give Back the Reinforcer?

[Source: Autism Classroom Resources] Last week I talked about reinforcement and common mistakes we make using it.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “What do I do when he won’t give back the reinforcer?” This is also one … Continue reading

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Behavior Corner: Why You Need a Replacement Behavior

[Source:  The Autism Helper]   The absolute, must-not-forget, essential step to eliminating any problem behavior is to teach and reinforce the appropriate way to access the consequence the problem behavior once delivered. And even if you are nodding your head along with … Continue reading

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Behavior Corner: How to Help Children Calm Down

[Source:  Child Mind Institute] Many children have difficulty regulating their emotions. Tantrums, outbursts, whining, defiance, fighting:  these are all behaviors you see when kids experience powerful feelings they can’t control. While some kids have learned to act out because it … Continue reading

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