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Bilingual Corner: Teletherapy with Young Children : Great Resources

[Source: Bilinguistics] For most of us, this whole idea of teletherapy is a new thing. We can wrap our minds around how to intervene with an older child pretty quickly. Even a bilingual older child makes sense, well, for 1: … Continue reading

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A ‘Gift to the Profession’: ‘Spanish Phrasing for SLPs’

Editor’s Note:  Every so often I am compelled to re-share this gem.   Enjoy. Here is a very exciting resource to share. Back in January, we featured a chapter of a book by Dorothy Miranda Esckelson and Adulfa Aguirre Morales, … Continue reading

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Focus on Bilingualism & Multiculturalism: Encountering Different Cultures in the Workplace

By Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP I recently printed off a Thanksgiving Mad Lib page to try out with a couple of my clients.  I made the mistake of not reading it in its entirety before beginning the activity … Continue reading

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Bilingual Corner: Can a Speech Impairment Occur in only 1 Language of a Bilingual?

[Source:  Bilinguistics] Can a child demonstrate a speech impairment in one language but not the other? My immediate response to this is, “No.” That said, let me tell you about a student I tested last week. Meet Miguel. Miguel is … Continue reading

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The Amazing Baby Brain Says Pas de Problème’ with Bilingualism

[Source:   Medical X-Press] People often say that babies are like little sponges —with their ability to soak up language quickly and easily. Yet much of the early research on language acquisition has focused on young infants learning only one language. This research was … Continue reading

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