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Career Corner: Facts You Need To Know Before Accepting a Contract with Full Per Diem

By Debbie Fledderjohann, President of Top Echelon Contracting Imagine this: You receive an offer for a school-based contract assignment that is too good to pass up.  Not only is the pay rate higher than the other offers you have received, … Continue reading

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Career Corner: Is Your Body Language Making You Fail Interviews?

At your last interview, you did everything right. You used the industry lingo. You answered the competency questions well. You demonstrated your skills, knowledge and experiences. You said everything right. Yet, you did not get the job. What could be … Continue reading

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Career Corner: Using a Career Journal to Further Your Professional Development

[Source:  Quintessential Careers] How much time do you commit each day — each week — to really thinking about your career? If you’re like most of us, your answer is not much time at all. Sure, we would all love to have … Continue reading

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Professional Development Corner: Documentation – A Valuable Lesson

[Source:  The Speech and Language Connection] If you had emergency surgery overnight and couldn’t go back to work for several weeks, would another clinician be able to look at your notes and pick up where you left off? Will they … Continue reading

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Private Practitioner’s Corner: When Hiring, Should You Pay Staff as Employees or Contractors?

[Source:  The ASHA Leader] by Janet M. Krebs, MS CCC-SLP One of the questions posed most frequently by private practitioners is, “When I hire others to work for me, can I pay them as contractors?” The correct answer is, “It … Continue reading

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