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Examining Gross Motor Progress in Children with Cerebral Palsy

[Source:  Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics via Your Therapy Source] Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics published research examining gross motor progress in children with cerebral palsy.  The researchers wanted to determine the factors that influence progress.  The prospective study … Continue reading

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Study: Electrical Brain Stim Could Benefit Kids with CP

[Source: Medical X=Press] Every so often, Hadley Lucca will spend hours in front of her bedroom mirror, struggling to put on earrings or pull her long, golden locks back into ponytails. For Hadley, 11, activities that other girls her age … Continue reading

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Breathing in Children with Cerebral Palsy

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Developmental Neurorehabilitation published research comparing breathing in children with cerebral palsy to neurotypical peers.  The participants in the study included 20 children with cerebral palsy (GMFCS levels I-III) and 20 neurotypical children ages 7-11 years old.  To determine the … Continue reading

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Cerebral Palsy Can Be Diagnosed By 6 Months Of Age, Study Finds

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Cerebral palsy can be accurately diagnosed by 6 months of age, researchers say, yet kids often aren’t flagged until they’re 1 or 2, potentially losing out on valuable early intervention. In a study looking at a half-dozen … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: October 6 is World Cerebral Palsy Day

[Source:  The Mighty] October 6 is World Cerebral Palsy Day. If you’re like most people with a passing interest in Today’s Very Important Day, you may check out a few facts and learn things like 17 million people have cerebral palsy and 1 in 500 … Continue reading

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