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Worth Repeating: Why Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech Requires Careful Assessment

[Source:  ASHAsphere] by Tatyana Elleseff Recently I got one of those phone calls that speech-language pathologists often dread. It went something like this: Parent: Hi. I am looking for a speech therapist who uses PROMPT [Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Childhood Apraxia of Speech – Q&A for Clinicians

Editor’s Note:    This article was written for us back in 2009 by Sharon Gretz.  We hope you enjoy this encore publication By: Sharon Gretz, M.Ed. What are the characteristics of Childhood Apraxia of Speech? Unfortunately there is not complete agreement among … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy at Home! Mr. Potato Head

Editor’s Note:   In addition to Shareka’s GREAT ideas featured here, check out this second blog post on our dear friend Mr. Potato head by Allison Fors Don’t have Mr. Potato Head, or is he missing pieces?   Buy him or her through … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Improving Prosody in Childhood Apraxia of Speech

By: Sarah M. Gee, MS, CCC-SLP What is prosody? When it comes to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), many therapists are stumped. Even after helping a child find some words, there can be other problems including grammar delays and underdeveloped … Continue reading

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Pediatric Tx Corner: Dyspraxia and Down Syndrome

All material Copyright © March 2009 The Down Syndrome Centre Reprinted with the express permission of the Down Syndrome Centre as originally published on their website. By: Marinet vanVuren Marinet vanVuren is a South African born Speech and Language Therapist. For the … Continue reading

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