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SLP Corner: 10 Ways Children With Language Disorders Can Maintain Both Physical Distance and Social Connection

[Source: The ASHA Leader Blog] Social distancing—or more accurately, physical distancing—is now our way of life. As difficult as it is, it’s our new normal, at least for the short term.  Even with physical distance, we find ways to connect socially. We call … Continue reading

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As Schools Close to Coronavirus, Special Educators Turn to Tele-Therapy

[Source: Education Week] As students with learning disabilities enter distance learning environments, a tangled patchwork of state regulations, a lack of therapist training, and limited access to high-speed internet threatens to limit their access to key services that help them … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: How to Teach Social-Emotional Learning When Students Aren’t in School

[Source:  Education Week] Tens of millions of students are dealing with massive upheaval to their educations and daily lives with their schools shuttered indefinitely to thwart the spread of the coronavirus. Add to that fears over a pandemic that could … Continue reading

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It’s Autism Awareness Month! Let’s Celebrate Neurodiversity, Even if It’s Virtually!

Its April.   That means its Autism Awareness Month.  Tomorrow, April 2nd, is World Autism Day. Unfortunately, our skies and windows won’t be lit up nearly as blue this year.  From coast to coast and sea to sea, people are sheltered … Continue reading

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Students Deprived Of Crucial Special Ed Services Due To Closures

[Source: The Los Angeles Times] Nine-year-old Trevor de la Torre was home with a migraine when his parents got word that his school was closing in response to the coronavirus emergency — and his critically needed hands-on therapies would effectively … Continue reading

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