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An EEG to Assess a Baby’s Developmental Risk?

[Source:  Science Daily] Does exposure to stress early in life affect a baby’s brain development, and is there a way to single out babies who might benefit from early intervention? A two-center study led by Boston Children’s Hospital, published today … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Top 5 Parent Handouts for {Preschool} SLPs

by Jenna Rayburn of The Speech Room News Part of my role at our district early childhood center is to complete incoming evaluations for children entering the program. We have about half of our students come from the state birth … Continue reading

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Intervention with At-Risk Infants Can Improve Behavior at Age 3

[Source:  Psych Central] Young children who suffer from abuse or neglect often develop problems with following directions and complying with the expectations of parents and other authority figures. Lack of compliance can lead to other issues, including difficulty regulating anger … Continue reading

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Early Childhood Corner: Bringing Brain Science to Early Childhood

[Source:  The Atlantic.com via Reading Rockets] A group of scholars at Harvard University is spearheading a campaign to make sure the early-childhood programs policymakers put in place to disrupt intergenerational poverty are backed by the latest science. The idea sounds … Continue reading

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Mom, I Can’t Recognize Your Face From Profile View!

[Source: Science Daily] Babies younger than 6 months of age do not recognize their mothers watching their mobile phones. Babies recognize a face from profile view after 6 months of age. Longitudinally testing 14 babies every month during the first … Continue reading

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