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Sequencing Mini-Book with Emotion Words

[Source:  Activity Tailor] Sequencing is one of those skills that we take for granted—of course you need to put toothpaste on the toothbrush before you brush your teeth—but most of our little ones need explicit instruction to fully comprehend the … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation! My Feelings!

My Feelings is a therapist-endorsed game that encourages children to explore emotions in fun, active (and sometimes very silly) ways!  Therapists and parents gain insight while the child learns to recognize and manage his or her feelings in ways that are positive and socially … Continue reading

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Helping Toddlers Understand Emotion Key to Development

[Source: Medical X Press] The simple parenting strategy of helping toddlers understand emotion may reduce behavioral problems later on, finds a federally funded study led by a Michigan State University researcher. The study, published in the September issue of theJournal … Continue reading

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Brain Imaging Used to Predict Emotions

[Source:  Psych Central] Dartmouth researchers have obtained a 90 percent success rate in predicting human emotions based on brain activity. The new study, which appears in the journal PLOS Biology, is unique in that researchers studied people within the general … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: Alexithymia and Emotion Recognition in Autism

[Source:  Best Practice Autism.com] Alexithymia is characterized by difficulties in identifying, describing, and processing one’s own feelings, often marked by a lack of understanding of the feelings of others, and difficulty distinguishing between feelings and the bodily sensations of emotional … Continue reading

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