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Free Montessori Inspired Apple Unit – Over 40 Activities

Editor’s Note:  I love Montessori, and the blog Carrots Are Orange.   Marnie has collecting in one post, over 40 activities from a variety of fine child development blogs, in fine and medium motor, sensory, language, sorting, patterning and more. … Continue reading

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Activity for Bilateral Skills and Visual Perception

[Source:  Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips] As a therapist, I frequently work with children on bilateral upper extremity skills. It’s important for a child to learn to stabilize an object or container while performing an activity with the opposite hand. This … Continue reading

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Alphabet Fine Motor Fun at Home

[Source: Childhood 101] I love this activity for early readers and writers because it provides lots of opportunity to develop alphabet awareness whilst also exercising and strengthening fingers – in three different ways! Plus, it uses everyday materials that you … Continue reading

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Summertime Sensory Activity: Ice Cube Painting

Here is a fun way to explore ice this summer as a sensory “craftivity” with your kiddos! [Source:  First Palette.com] Materials Ice cube tray Small plastic bowls Plastic spoons Food coloring Scissors Sketch paper Craft sticks or disposable ice cream … Continue reading

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Colored Waterfall Hand Strengthening/Fine Motor Art

Editor’s Note:  This activity was conceived for preschoolers, but is a perfect pincer grasp activity for all ages! [Source: Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds] We love to use our pipettes for preschool fine motor art! Using pipettes strengthens the pincer grasp, important … Continue reading

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