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Unexpected Mental Illnesses Found in Spectrum of Rare Disorder

[Source: Psych Central] In a new study, University of California (UC) Davis MIND Institute researchers found an unexpected set of mental illnesses in patients with a spectrum of fragile X syndrome, a rare single-gene disorder that is the leading inherited … Continue reading

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Sleep Linked to Language Skills in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

[Source:¬† Science Daily] New research has discovered that Down’s syndrome, Fragile X syndrome and Williams syndrome are all linked to sleep disruption in very young children, and that sleep plays a crucial role in the development of these children’s language … Continue reading

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Book: Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Parents’ Guide

Fragile X syndrome is believed to be the most common genetic cause of mental retardation, even more common than Down syndrome. It can result in a wide range of developmental delays, learning disabilities, and physical characteristics-which all tend to be … Continue reading

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Study Gives New Genetic Insight to Fragile X Syndrome

[Source: Medical News Today] Researchers have furthered their knowledge of fragile X syndrome – the most common known cause of inherited intellectual disability – thanks to a patient with a mutation in a specific gene exhibiting some of the disorder’s … Continue reading

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Memory Formation in Fragile X Syndrome Strengthened by Multiple, Short Learning Sessions

[Source: ¬†Medical News Today] A learning technique that maximizes the brain’s ability to make and store memories may help overcome cognitive issues seen in fragile X syndrome, a leading form of intellectual disability, according to UC Irvine neurobiologists. Christine Gall, … Continue reading

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