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Grip Strength of Children Gives Clues About Their Future Health

[Source: Medical X-Press] While other studies have shown that muscle weakness as measured by grip strength is a predictor of unhealthy outcomes—including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, disability and even early mortality—this is the first to do so for adolescent health … Continue reading

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OT Corner: How To Tell if a Child has Weak Hands

Editor’s Note: This Article was written for parents but is a fantastic resource for therapists and other educators. [Source: The Inspired Treehouse] When I first meet a student in my school-based OT practice, the first thing I ask the child … Continue reading

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Colored Waterfall Hand Strengthening/Fine Motor Art

Editor’s Note:  This activity was conceived for preschoolers, but is a perfect pincer grasp activity for all ages! [Source: Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds] We love to use our pipettes for preschool fine motor art! Using pipettes strengthens the pincer grasp, important … Continue reading

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Oldie but Goodie Pinterest Find – Finger Twister!

Editor’s Note:  I was paging through the School Occupational and Physical Therapy group on Facebook and saw a photo someone posted of this activity she made from Pinterest.  She didn’t post the link, but it wasn’t hard to find!  So … Continue reading

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Finger Fidget or Finger Warm Up Exercises

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Here is a super simple and super cheap do-it-yourself project to make finger fidgets.  These bead finger fidgets can be used to occupy busy hands for wiggly students or to warm up the fingers before fine motor or handwriting activities.  Obviously, do … Continue reading

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