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Tell Tale—Review of a Fun Story-Telling Game

Editor’s Note:   We recently have been asking some of our favorite bloggers to v review a couple of games by Blue Orange Games.   Thank You Ruth Morgan, of Chapel Hill Snippets for her second review — of Tell Tale! The … Continue reading

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Children Use Both Brain Hemispheres To Understand Language, Unlike Adults

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Infants and young children have brains with a superpower, of sorts, say Georgetown University Medical Center neuroscientists. Whereas adults process most discrete neural tasks in specific areas in one or the other of their brain’s two hemispheres, … Continue reading

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Free Montessori Inspired Apple Unit – Over 40 Activities

Editor’s Note:  I love Montessori, and the blog Carrots Are Orange.   Marnie has collecting in one post, over 40 activities from a variety of fine child development blogs, in fine and medium motor, sensory, language, sorting, patterning and more. … Continue reading

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Study Finds Hidden Emotions in the Sound of Words

[Source: Science Daily] New research shows that some sound combinations, like those in the word ‘virus,’ elicit more emotionally intense responses than others. This may play a role in both children’s language acquisition and how we might have evolved language … Continue reading

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Chimpanzees Help Trace the Evolution of Human Speech Back to Ancient Ancestors

[Source: Science Daily] One of the most promising theories for the evolution of human speech has finally received support from chimpanzee communication. The evolution of speech is one of the longest-standing puzzles of evolution. However, inklings of a possible solution … Continue reading

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