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Speech-Language Pathology Corner: Four Steps of Communication

Source: ¬†Social Thinking By: Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP The four steps of communication help to define how the communicative act is heavily anchored in a synergistic process that involves the mind, the body, the eyes and language. More specifically, … Continue reading

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Teaching Social Thinking to Asperger Syndrome Students

By: Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP Specializes in the treatment of individuals with social cognitive deficits: those with diagnoses such as autism, Asperger Syndrome and nonverbal learning Disorder. How can we help children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) or related diagnoses … Continue reading

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Nonverbal Learning Disability: What the SLP Needs to Know

By:¬†Volden, J. (2002, October 22). The ASHA Leader. All of a sudden, it seems that everyone is talking about something called “nonverbal learning disability” or NLD. Speech-language pathologists receive referrals where NLD is listed as the diagnosis. Psychologists and teachers … Continue reading

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