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Hot Jobs! Adaptive Physical Education Teachers – Monterey and San Mateo County, CA

Call Today at 866-733-4278, text us at 662-524-9099 or   Click HERE to Apply PediaStaff is hiring!   School-Based Special Education Teachers, Adapted Physical Education APE for SY17/18 for both Monterey and San Mateo County, California. *  Elementary Schoool *  Full time position … Continue reading

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What’s a Kid’s Ability to Think? Study Finds Weight and Activity Level Matter

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Weight and physical activity levels are both factors in a child’s ability to acquire and use knowledge, a new study finds. “The question this paper asks that has not been asked before is whether it is just … Continue reading

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Depression in Young Adolescence Can be Prevented by Physical Fitness

Editor’s Note:  Pretty much a “No Duh” study for therapists and other pediatric clinicians, but yet more evidence for the rest of the world on the importance of school and community based physical education for young people. [Source:  Medical News … Continue reading

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Aerobic Fitness Boosts Memory and Learning in Children

[Source:  Medical News Today] Researchers say that physical fitness in children can boost their memory and learning abilities, particularly when initially learning a task that is more challenging. The research, published in the journalPLOS ONE, was conducted by Lauren Raine … Continue reading

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Children’s Exercise: Hour a Day ‘Not Enough’

[Source:  Medical News Today] Current recommendations for children to exercise an hour every day are “insufficient” to protect them from heart and blood circulation problems later in life. Children under 10 years of age need at least 80 minutes of … Continue reading

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