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OT Corner: Interview with Lindsey Biel, Author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child

Editor’s Note:  Congratulations to friend of PediaStaff, Lindsey Biel on the publication of the Revised and Updated Edition of Raising a Sensory Smart Child!     Here is a podcast interview with Lindsey that recently aired on Atomic Moms.   [Source:  … Continue reading

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Songbird Data Yields New Theory for Learning Sensorimotor Skills

[Source: Science Daily] Songbirds learn to sing in a way similar to how humans learn to speak — by listening to their fathers and trying to duplicate the sounds. The bird’s brain sends commands to the vocal muscles to sing … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Game Review – Get a Grip on Patterns

[Source: The Playful Otter] Work on manual dexterity, in-hand manipulation, grasp, pinch, finger strength, palmar arch development, thumb opposition, coordinated use of both hands, motor planning, visual discrimination, visual memory, figure-ground, spatial relations, sequencing, executive functioning skills, process skills, play and … Continue reading

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3 Behaviors Linked to Higher Mental Ability in Children

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Parents play a key role in supporting children to maximize their potential at school.  As we all know, what goes on in the home greatly affects what goes on at school and vice versa.  Recent research … Continue reading

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Fine Motor Apple Activity

[Source:  Teaching Mama] Here’s a quick and easy fine motor apple activity. Instead of using real apples, you will make a simple activity using a paper bowl, yarn, and pom poms! This activity is a fun, hands-on way to practice … Continue reading

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