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Hot, New Job Pediatric Physical Therapist – Allentown, PA

Call Today at 866-733-4278, text us at 662-524-9099, or   Click HERE to Apply Are you looking for a position that allows you to really make a difference?  Do you enjoy working with very young children?  We are searching for a … Continue reading

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How Babies’ Brains Process Touch Builds Foundations for Learning

[Source:  Science Daily] Touch is the first of the five senses to develop, yet scientists know far less about the baby’s brain response to touch than to, say, the sight of mom’s face, or the sound of her voice. Now, … Continue reading

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Peds Therapy Corner: 10 Awesome Ideas to Start the New Year for Pediatric Therapists

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Do you like to start fresh in the new year?  Do you set goals for yourself to accomplish during this time of year? Being a school-based therapist is a wonderful job but one of the most … Continue reading

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PT Corner: What Contributes To Your Child’s Balance?

[Source:  Starfish Therapies] There are three main components that make up a person’s balance. These include: vision, somatosensation, and our vestibular system. These components need to work seamlessly together in order to allow both adults and children to maintain their … Continue reading

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PT Corner: Operation Alignment

[Source:  Dinosaur Physical Therapy] Working with children of all ages, as Pediatric Physical Therapists we always need to keep in mind the fundamental components of alignment, weight bearing and balance. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve success throughout development! … Continue reading

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