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Seasonal Resource: 90+ Winter Themed Activities

[Source: Inner Child Fun] Need some ideas for what to do with the kids during Winter? These books, crafts, and activities are perfect for celebrating snow whether you are stuck inside during a blizzard, outdoors playing in the snow, or wishing … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Indoor Ice Skates for Proprioception and Vestibular Sensory Play

[Source: Sugar Aunts] Sometimes, you come across a play activity that provides many skill areas and is just plain old fun.  These indoor ice skates proprioception and vestibular activity is one of those.  Last year, we shared a bunch of winter sensory integration … Continue reading

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Snowman Bowling

[Source: Teaching Mama] Let’s bring snowmen home with us in this super fun activity. I call it “Snowman Bowling.” Kids will learn colors and numbers through active play! Are you ready? Learn How from Teaching Mama  

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OT Corner: 10 Games to Practice Crossing the Midline

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Crossing midline is the ability to cross over an imaginary line down the center of your body from head to toes, separating the body into a left and right side.  This skill requires that the right and … Continue reading

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Peds Therapy Corner: 10 Awesome Ideas to Start the New Year for Pediatric Therapists

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Do you like to start fresh in the new year?  Do you set goals for yourself to accomplish during this time of year? Being a school-based therapist is a wonderful job but one of the most … Continue reading

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