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Sensory Corner: Your Sensory Sensitive Kiddos Go Back to School!

By: Jackie Linder Olson Editor’s Note: This article is directed at parents, but would a a great resource to share with the caregivers for your sensory sensitive kiddos! It is time to go back to school, which can be both … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Sensory Smart Self-Care

[Source:  Sensory Smarts.com] by Lindsey Biel, MA, OTR/L When it comes to self-care tasks, as with everything sensory, you’ll need to analyze the underlying sensory challenges, determine what can and needs to be changed, and increase the ability to handle … Continue reading

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Sensory Idea of the Week: Simple Sensory Calm Down Jar

[Source:  Sugar Aunts] There are so many ways to make sensory bottles.  Today I wanted to share a super simple sensory bottle idea that is perfect for those calm-down moments we all crave.  You know the times we all have … Continue reading

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Sensory Behavior Checklist

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] If you are a school-based Occupational Therapist, teacher, or a parent of a child with sensory processing difficulties, then you often ponder the question when a child “misbehaves” was it due to sensory concerns or behavior.  … Continue reading

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SPD Corner: Sensory Processing: Assessment & Intervention Strategies

[Source: Best Practice Autism] Unusual sensory responses (i.e., sensory over-responsivity, sensory under-responsivity, and sensory seeking) are relatively common in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Sensory issues are now included in the DSM-5 ASD symptom criteria for restricted, repetitive patterns … Continue reading

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