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Sensory Corner: Epic Messy Play List That’s Sensory-filled, Inspiring, and Easy!

[Source:  Your Kids Table] Sam, that’s my oldest son, was around 16 months old and I can remember thinking, “Is he old enough?”  I stood there staring at the finger paints and then at him, wondering if he would be … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: The 10 Best Benefits of Sensory Swings

[Source:  Friendship Circle] From the time they are in utero, kids’ bodies and brains are developing from the movement they experience. Whether it’s flipping around in amniotic fluid, toddling around as a new walker, jumping on a trampoline, or swinging … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: Sensory Meltdowns in Kids on the Autism Spectrum

[Source: My Aspergers Child] “Why is my autistic (high functioning) son so sooo sensitive to certain clothing? He refuses to wear jeans and doesn’t like certain shoes and socks. I’ve made the mistake of forcing him to wear some of … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Progression of Tactile Input Using Sensory Bins

[Source: Your Therapy Source] The tactile system provides information to the brain on light touch, pain, temperature, and pressure.   Children can experience decreased ability to interpret tactile input or can be oversensitive to tactile input.  Many early childhood classrooms and … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Sensory-Based Interventions in School-Based OT

[Source: Fab Strategies.org] School occupational therapists apply sensory-based interventions (SBIs) providing specific sensory input for improved classroom behavior. SBIs can include school occupational therapy teacher consultation, environmental adaptations, adaptive equipment, and the use of specific sensory activities. It is important to … Continue reading

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