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‘Social Brain’ Networks Altered at Young Age in Autism

[Source: Science Daily] As infants develop, they preferentially move towards and respond to social cues — such as voices, faces and human gestures. At the same time, their brain develops a network of regions that specialize in translating these cues, … Continue reading

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13 Important Social Skills Activities for Kids

[Source: Childhood 101] Yesterday my heart was full of pride! My eight year old had his first swimming carnival. He does well in small groups but usually shies away from larger social situations. We have worked on social skills and … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Needing a Filter – Social Behavior Mapping

[Source: Almaden Valley Speech Therapy] Sometimes people with Aspergers aren’t very good at filtering what they say. The can say and do things that offend others. Most people consider how their words or behavior affects others, but folks with Aspergers … Continue reading

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How Playing on the Swings Helps Kids Learn to Cooperate

[Source:  Medical News Today] A favorite childhood pastime – swinging on the playground swing set – also may be teaching kids how to get along. The measured, synchronous movement of children on the swings can encourage preschoolers to cooperate on … Continue reading

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New York Times Review: Picture Books That Inspire Empathy

[Source: New York Times] The tricky part about teaching empathy to children is that you can’t really teach it. You can only inspire it. Like its sister words, kindness and compassion, empathy is wakened in the soul. With very young … Continue reading

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