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How Playing on the Swings Helps Kids Learn to Cooperate

[Source:  Medical News Today] A favorite childhood pastime – swinging on the playground swing set – also may be teaching kids how to get along. The measured, synchronous movement of children on the swings can encourage preschoolers to cooperate on … Continue reading

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New York Times Review: Picture Books That Inspire Empathy

[Source: New York Times] The tricky part about teaching empathy to children is that you can’t really teach it. You can only inspire it. Like its sister words, kindness and compassion, empathy is wakened in the soul. With very young … Continue reading

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Which Emotion Am I? Exploring Emotions Guessing Game

[Source: Childhood 101] My girls had so much fun playing Hedbanz on a play date with friends recently that it got me thinking about how easily the game could be adapted to become a fun way to further the conversation … Continue reading

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Children of Very Young and Older Fathers Show Distinct Social Skills Learning Patterns

[Source:  Medical X-Press] The age of the father at the time his children are born may influence their social development, suggests a study published in the May 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent … Continue reading

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Flame Retardant Chemicals Linked to Social Behavior in Young Children

[Source: Medical News Today] Some chemicals added to furniture, electronics and numerous other goods to prevent fires may have unintended developmental consequences for young children, according to a pilot study released today. Researchers from Oregon State University found a significant … Continue reading

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