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Shortage of Special Educators Adds to Classroom Pressures

[Source:  Education Week] The number of special education teachers nationally has dropped by more than 17 percent over the past decade, a worrisome trend in a career path that has seen chronic shortages for years. An analysis of federal data … Continue reading

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Hot, New Job: High School English Special Education Teacher – Chicago, IL

Call Today at 866-733-4278, text us at 662-524-9099, or   Click HERE to Apply If you are a Special Education teacher looking for an exceptional working environment with high school aged students, this school needs you!  This is a charter school … Continue reading

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Behavior Corner: What Do I Do When They Won’t Give Back the Reinforcer?

[Source: Autism Classroom Resources] Last week I talked about reinforcement and common mistakes we make using it.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “What do I do when he won’t give back the reinforcer?” This is also one … Continue reading

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Napping May Interfere With Learning In Those With Down Syndrome

[Source:  Disability Scoop] While naps typically help young people retain information they’ve learned, new research suggests that the opposite may be true for those with Down syndrome. In fact, resting could actually add to memory loss in children with the … Continue reading

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TV Shows Featuring More Characters With Disabilities

[Source: Disability Scoop] The number of characters with disabilities on prime-time television this year is set to hit a record high. There will be 18 regularly-appearing characters with disabilities on prime-time network shows during the 2018-2019 season, accounting for 2.1 … Continue reading

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