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SpEd Corner: Schools Teaching Students In Special Ed How To Code

[Source: Disability Scoop] Hunched over an iPad, Joe Ballard watched as pixelated storm troopers surrounded a tiny R2-D2. With deft fingers, the 10-year-old boy dragged together what look like small puzzle pieces on the screen. They changed the scenery, the … Continue reading

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Most Classroom Teachers Feel Unprepared to Support Students With Disabilities

[Source: Education Week] Less than 1 in 5 general education teachers feel “very well prepared” to teach students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, including ADHD and dyslexia, according to a new survey from two national advocacy groups. The survey … Continue reading

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Principal Goes Extra Mile For Student With Special Needs

[Source: Chicago Tribune] Thursday was the last day of school at Beye Elementary, and 6-year-old Matias Best didn’t want to go. Matias is on the autism spectrum, and transitions can be a challenge. Transitioning from the school year to summer … Continue reading

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Federal Proposal Would Ease Path From Special Ed To College

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Lawmakers are looking to make it easier for students with disabilities to transition to college. Legislation introduced by a bipartisan group of senators late last month would ensure that individuals with disabilities have the information they need … Continue reading

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Nation’s Schools Serving More Students Under IDEA

{Source: Disability Scoop] New federal data shows that there are more children in special education and they are accounting for a greater percentage of public school students across the country. For the 2017-2018 school year, there were 7 million students … Continue reading

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