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Babbling Babies Behavior Changes Parents’ Speech

[Source:  Medical X-Press] New research shows baby babbling changes the way parents speak to their infants, suggesting that infants are shaping their own learning environments. Researchers from Cornell University’s Behavioral Analysis of Beginning Years (B.A.B.Y) Laboratory found that adults unconsciously … Continue reading

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Learning Language: New Insights into How Brain Functions

[Source: Science Daily] Learning it in a class that essentially compresses a one-semester college course into a single month of intensive instruction — and agreeing to have your brain scanned before and after — might seem even more daunting. But … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Case Presentation – The Beauty of Imitation

By: Shareka Bentham, SLT copyright 2010. Shareka Bentham, SLT This blog post has been reprinted with express permission of the author as it appeared on her blog Easy Speech and Language Ideas This is my first of what I hope will be many … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: CHARGE Syndrome – Multiple Congenital Anomalies Including Disorders of All Senses and Speech, Language, Feeding, Swallowing, and Behavior

by Cheng, L. (2006, September 26). The ASHA Leader. CHARGE syndrome is a genetic disorder (one in 10,000 to15,000 live births) with multiple physical, sensory, and behavioral anomalies. Children with CHARGE typically undergo 10 surgeries before age 3. Although early … Continue reading

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Game Review for Speech: Scattergories – The Card Game

[Source:  The Obfuscated Objective] This week’s game is Scattergories: The Card Game by Winning Move Games. Variants/Expansions: None. General Overview: Scattergories: The Card Game is a word-based party game for two or more players of age 8+. The game presents the players … Continue reading

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