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Speech Therapy at Home! Mr. Potato Head

Editor’s Note:   In addition to Shareka’s GREAT ideas featured here, check out this second blog post on our dear friend Mr. Potato head by Allison Fors Don’t have Mr. Potato Head, or is he missing pieces?   Buy him or her through … Continue reading

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Pediatric / School-Based Therapy Resource of the Week: Mr. Potato Head

By: Shareka Bentham, SLT copyright 2010, Shareka Bentham, SLT. This blog post has been reprinted with express permission of the author as it appeared on her blog Easy Speech and Language Ideas He may seem like just an ordinary guy … Continue reading

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Parent’s Perspective: The Truth About Being A Mom With A Speech Delayed Child

[Source: Scary Mommy] When you have a speech delayed child, many people blow it off as being no big deal. No, it’s not the end of the world and yes, kids develop at different rates — but to you and … Continue reading

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An Important Role in Delayed Language Development Played by Gender and Genes

[Source:  Medical News Today]   Boys are at greater risk for delayed language development than girls, according to a new study using data from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. The researchers also found that reading and writing difficulties … Continue reading

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Speech-Language Pathologist Resource: The Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development

Check out this fantastic resource being developed by the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. The self-described mission of the site is to “help provide answers to questions about children’s language and literacy – answers that are based on relevant … Continue reading

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