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Stressful Events Before Age 3 May Have Greatest Effect on Mental Health

[Source: Psych Central] Children under age 3 may be particularly vulnerable to the impacts of adversity such as poverty, family and financial instability and abuse, on their epigenetic profiles, the chemical tags that alter gene expression and can affect future … Continue reading

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Stress in Infancy ‘Dramatically Alters’ Body’s Organs

[Source: Medical X=Press] Scientists have found the first evidence suggesting emotional stress in infancy has significant and far-reaching effects on the body and could result in disease later in life. Psychological stress in infancy dramatically changes the amount of an … Continue reading

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Fingertip Sphere Breathing for Self Regulation & Calming

[Source:  Omazing Kids] I learned this technique during one of the webinars in the Preschool Mindfulness Summit in January. It was amazing to see how well it worked with one of my patients who has Autism (and possibly OCD and Explosive … Continue reading

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Crooked Bite May Indicate Early Life Stress

[Source: Psych Central] Research has long established that the first 1,000 days after conception (about 280 days until birth and then up to 24 months of age) significantly influence a person’s overall life expectancy and risk for chronic diseases. In … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: Transform Test Anxiety by Saying These Phrases

[Source: School Psyched] Take this quick test: You’re about to give the biggest speech of your life. One thousand pairs of eyes are glaring at you—you’re nervous. In fact, your heart is racing, your palms are clammy, your breath is shallow, … Continue reading

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