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Stuttering: Stop Signals in the Brain Disturb Flow

[Source:  Science Daily] One per cent of adults and five per cent of children are unable to achieve what most of us take for granted — speaking fluently. Instead, they struggle with words, often repeating the beginning of a word, … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Understanding Disfluency

[Source: Understanding Disfluency.com] PERSONAL ASIDE A few years ago, I felt I had identified my life’s purpose.  This purpose was to use my life to better understand stuttering and to design a treatment regimen based on that understanding.  I have … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: 12 Easy Ways to Use Common Objects in Stuttering Therapy

[Source: SLP Natalie Snyders] Sometimes, we don’t always have a lot of time or materials available to us as busy school speech-language pathologists. The great news is that there are plenty of common objects that we can utilize for different … Continue reading

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Stuttering Linked to Reduced Blood Flow in Broca’s Area

[Source: Science Daily] A study led by researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles demonstrates what lead investigator Bradley Peterson, MD, calls “a critical mass of evidence” of a common underlying lifelong vulnerability in both children and adults who stutter. They … Continue reading

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Resources for International Stuttering Awareness Day

[Source:  Judith Kuster, MNSU.edu] Each year since 1998, an International Stuttering Awareness Day is celebrated on October 22. In preparation to this important day, a freely-available ISAD online conference is held from October 1-21. The purpose of the online conferences … Continue reading

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