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Easy Spring Origami Tulips

[Source  Deborah Kratz via the Pediatric Occupational Therapists Group on FaceBook] Easy spring tulip origami done with members from a mod-severe class. 3 major folds plus 3 optional folds. Origami or other lightweight paper works better than construction paper. Position … Continue reading

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Mallard Duck Handprint Craft

[Sazzydealz.com via Pinterest] I am thinking that this is the cutest handprint craft ever! Please support the original artist and visit SassyDealz.com for the directions on how to do this craft! She has some terrific crafts on her blog that … Continue reading

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Would You Rather Questions for Spring and Easter

[Source: Minds In Bloom] Would you rather….Have flowers growing out of the top of your head, or…Have butterflies constantly flying in a circle around your head? Would you rather….Have a magic Easter Basket that produces ten chocolate eggs each morning, or…Have … Continue reading

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Dye Easter Eggs in Cool Whip for Finger Lickin’ Sensory Fun!

[Source:  Passion for Savings.com] If you are looking for a fun way way to dye Easter Eggs here’s How to Dye Easter Eggs with Cool Whip! This is a fun way to get the kids involved and a twist on … Continue reading

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Don’t Jiggle the Spiders!! Obstacle Course Fun for Kids

[Source: Childhood 101] This simple obstacle course has been a source of so many laughs with both of my girls since we set it up under our backyard patio. The idea is to travel through the web inspired series of … Continue reading

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