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OT Corner: Activities to Improve Oculomotor Dysfunction

[Source:  The OT Toolbox] Oculomotor function refers to the six muscles surrounding each eye.  These muscles work together to produce controlled eye movements.  When there is oculomotor dysfunction evident, a child may have difficulty with depth perception, visual attention, visual … Continue reading

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Visual Perception Find and Color – School

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Here is a visual perceptual freebie Find and Color for back to school from the School Doodle Find packet.  Challenge your student’s visual scanning and visual motor skills with this activity.  Can you find and color … Continue reading

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Firetruck Fine Motor and Visual Motor Game

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Download this freebie Firetruck Game to encourage fine motor and visual motor skills.  It is available in color and black and white.  Give each player a board.  Roll one die.  Trace over the number of ladder … Continue reading

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Huff and Puff Spelling! Therapy Activity of the Week

[Source:  The OT’s Bag] I absolutely love this activity I created in a pinch one day and it has since become a favorite of my students. This activity has the added benefit of potentially helping students to calm down. Many … Continue reading

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OT/PT Corner: A Multi-Tasking Activity

by Stacy Menz, DPT, Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist One of our OT’s was so excited last week to show us the new activity she was doing with a few of her kiddos.  She had just started it so she … Continue reading

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