“Tweet & Greet!” at ASHA: Your Chance to Put Your “Face to the Handle”

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PediaStaff’s preparations for ASHA 2012 are in the homestretch!   Last week I shared the schedule for our exciting social media booth (featuring the #SLPeeps!!).   I also told you about the Friday afternoon Learning Lab featuring our three of our favorite #SLPeeps – Kim Lewis, Tara Roehl and Megan Panatier.   There is also going to be a great game of #SLPeeps Vendor Bingo!  #SLPeeps can go around the hall collecting stamps on their card for a chance to win a bunch of great prizes!  The PediaStaff main booth #1020 will be the place to come to get your bingo card stamped for us!

I want to tell you about our “Tweet & Greet” video log (vlog) which will be held during three time slots (see schedule at the bottom of this post) at our social media booth (#1823) during the the ASHA convention.

We want ALL the currently tweeting #SLPeeps (and #AUDpeeps too!) – including active peeps that are vendors – to stop by during one of these sessions to record a short greeting to all the peeps back home who weren’t able to make it to ASHA.  We hope that this video log will serve two purposes:  1) to make the folks at home feel like they have met some of us, and 2) to start an #SLPeeps video directory that we can expand on in the future (The gears are already turning as to how we can make this a living log).

The way its going to work is that you will come to the booth during one of the sessions and write your handle on one of our “wearable white board” pendants (a simply lovely accessory any time of year).   As an icebreaker, we will toss you a Thumball conversation starter, (it’s a Create-Your-Own Thumball) graciously provided by (Trainer’s Warehouse) with questions specifically written for the #SLPeeps –  the camera will roll, and you will answer the question on the ball.   Next we hope that everyone will take a minute or two to tell us about themselves, and tell us what they like best about being an #SLPeep.

All participants in the Tweet & Greet will be entered to win a gift bag of therapy Thumballs graciously provided by Mary at Answers in Motion!   If you aren’t familiar with using Thumballs as therapy tools, please check out the review we wrote last year.  (We can’t say enough great things about them!)  PediaStaff will raffle the gift bag of Thumballs at the end of the last session.  You don’t have to be present to win – but you DO have to be watching twitter to claim your prize or we will choose another winner!

After each Tweet & Greet session, PediaStaff will be uploading the videos to YouTube, and with the help of a couple of #SLPeeps (@SLPTanya, @ndnspeechmom) manning the fort back at home, we will be promoting these videos over Twitter for all to watch!

Here is the Tweet and Greet schedule:

Location:  Booth #1823 – (the PediaStaff Social Media Center Featuring the #SLPeeps) in the Career Fair section of the exhibit hall
Thursday 12:30 – 3:30 PM
Friday:  12:30 – 2:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 – 10:30 AM

Can’t wait to see you there!

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