Two Free Webinars on Childhood Apraxia of Speech

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It’s Childhood Apraxia of Speech Awareness Month!  Apraxia Kids has make two of their courses FREE for the entire month of May!


 Working Through Oppositional Behaviors in Therapy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech :  Motor speech therapy is difficult and boring for children with CAS! When children struggle to make progress in therapy or find tasks difficult in sessions, changes in behaviors often occur. Inability to communicate and communication breakdowns increase frustration which often turns into non?compliance and oppositional behaviors in therapy. In particular, children with CAS struggle with unintelligible speech, making nearly all communication interactions challenging. We do not want motor speech practice to become a battle nor do we want practice to be a negative experience for children in therapy. What are effective strategies for helping children cooperate and maintain focus during intensive therapy even when practice is difficult? This webinar will provide numerous ideas for addressing negative behaviors in a positive manner so children with CAS can receive maximal benefits from therapy.  Presented By: Julie Hoffmann, M.A., CCC?SLP

Home Strategies for Carryover and Generalization for Childhood Apraxia of Speech:

Parent involvement is critical to achieving successful outcomes in children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Research conducted by Edal and Gildersleeve-Neumann (2011) found that the more production targets are practiced, the faster a child can acquire the target and better the chance for generalization.   This presentation will focus on ways speech-language pathologists can include parents, families, and caregivers in the therapy process to increase home practice. This can enhance the child’s rate of progress, generalization, and self-esteem that results from their feeling of success and improved speech clarity.

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2 Responses to Two Free Webinars on Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  1. JoAnn Dunlap says:

    Is there a coupon code that I can enter to get the free credits for these workshops?
    Thank you so much
    JoAnn Dunlap

  2. Heidi says:

    Hi JoAnn! As far as I know, while the course itself is free with the coupon you still have to pay to have the CEU certified. Its usually a $50 total.. The coupon covers the $35 for the course only.