Why We Do What We Do: Alternative Baseball, Inc.

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Editor’s Note:  We just learned about Alternative Baseball Organization, Inc, a couple of weeks ago, when Taylor Duncan, the group’s founder (a young man on the autism spectrum himself), contacted me.   Please take a moment to realize that special education professionals and therapists likely made this man who he is today.   Take time out of your day to pat yourself on the back.   You inspire these kids to excel and be more than a sum of their parts and their labels!  

[Source:  Alternative Baseball]

Alternative Baseball Organization, Inc. is a developmental baseball program for teens and adults with autism and special needs. Alternative Baseball was founded by Taylor Duncan (young man on the autism spectrum) in January of 2016 with the mission of breaking barriers and turning disabilities into abilities. Alternative Baseball’s ultimate goal is to expand its program into all communities throughout the world to raise awareness and acceptance through America’s Pastime.

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