Worth Repeating: 11 Things a Special Needs Dad Wants You to Know

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Here is a great article by my friend Gary Dietz who is writing / editing a book by and for Dads of Kids with Disabilities.   Please learn more about Gary’s project, (and read his great essay) below and in this press release.


[Source:  Love That Max]

This guest post is from Gary Dietz, dad to 14-year-old Alex who he describes as a “warm, funny and challenging boy who happens to have a rare genetic disorder, a 13q deletion.” As a result, Alex has developmental, cognitive, physical and behavioral challenges. An entrepreneur and educational technology marketing professional based in New Hampshire, Gary is working on a book and web project called Dads of Disability: Stories For, By, and About Fathers of Children That Experience Disability (and the Women Who Love Them). He’s funding it at Indiegogo through October 5, and has raised $4500 to date; he aims to raise additional funds to find more essayists. Meanwhile, these are the top things Gary really, really wishes more people knew about special needs dads like him:

1. Dads like to be invited, too

On more than one occasion I’ve learned that my child didn’t get invited to a social gathering—not because of his disability, but because a female caregiver wasn’t available to go with him. Yet his Dad was available! Please don’t assume a child can’t attend a birthday party or playground get-together because a woman isn’t available to accompany the child. If the dad is single, invite him even if he is the only dad coming in a group of moms. An involved dad of a child with special needs is used to being one of the few men in attendance. Who knows, he may change a diaper or two for Team Mom at the playdate if you play your cards right!
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