Worth Repeating: 20 Proprioceptive Input Ideas for Home and School

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proprio[Source: Special-ism.com]

The proprioceptive system is input received through receptors in the joints and muscles with movement and heavy work. When these receptors are activated, body awareness is improved and the person knows where his/her body is in space. Children who tend to crave proprioceptive input:

  • may overstuff their mouth with food;
  • tend to give hard high fives,
  • color with so much pressure the crayon breaks, or
  • crash into things.

Other children may hold a pencil so light that you can barely see it, or the pencil won’t stay in their hand. They also may have poor body awareness and bump into things, or have a low tolerance to pain and cry at even the slightest bump.

Heavy Work Ideas for Home
The following 13 ideas can be used at home and other locations:

  1. Carry heavy items (baskets filled with toys or books), Groceries (not the bread or the eggs)
  2. Pushups against a wall
  3. Fun and Function’s Blue Weighted Compression Vest, belts, wrist weights (When wearing a weighted vest, only wear it for 20 minutes and then take it off. You can then put it back on again if needed after 20 minutes.)
  4. Yard work, including mowing the lawn, raking grass/leaves, pushing a wheelbarrow
  5. Housework including vacuuming and mopping, watering the flowers

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