Worth Repeating: Teaching Phonemic Awareness to At-Risk Kindergartners: Where do we Start?

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[Source:  Smart Speech Therapy, LLC; Speech Universe]


Hi there!  My name is Jen from Speech Universe and to day I am doing a guest post for Smart Speech Therapy on phonemic awareness.  I am a speech-language pathologist who works in a public elementary school.  A few years ago, my district created an initiative for all speech-language pathologists to work with our most at risk kindergarten students by addressing phonemic awareness skills.  I currently work with a group of four kindergarten students four times a week for about 20 minutes each session.  We use lots of songs and literature to target phonemic awareness skills.

Working on phonemic and phonological awareness skills is an evidence-based practice.  “Preschool children who are at-risk for later developing reading disorders, including children with speech-sound disorders and children in poverty, need explicit instruction on phonological awareness skills, including segmenting, rhyme, and print awareness.  Use of age-appropriate literature to facilitate motivation in children is an effective therapy technique.” (Justice, Chow, Capellini, Flanigan, & Colton, 2003)

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