Gross Motor Activity of the Week: Nerf Turkey Targets

Thanks to Your Therapy Source for pinning this one!

This is a great motor activity to do the last day before the Thanksgiving recess, or to send home with the kids to do with their brothers, sisters and cousins on Thanksgiving Day!   The blogger uses nerf guns but you could just as easily let the kids use nerf ball or even ping pong balls!   The activity was seen on Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls



Today we used file folders to make turkey targets for use with Nerf guns, and the boys had SO much fun!  I found some printable turkeys and the boys colored them and cut them out.  I can’t remember which site I got them from – but there are tons of options if you google “turkey coloring page.”  I did have to re-size them on our copier.

Visit the Original Blog Post for the Rest of the Directions


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