Hot Job! Pediatric Occupational Therapist – San Francisco, CA

8th October, 2015

We are hiring Pediatric Occupational Therapists looking for an opportunity to serve kiddos in the San Francisco Bay area in several markets.   These positions are full time and offer benefits and reimbursements or can be paid on an independent contractor basis.  The settings are a combination of the home (early intervention (small percentage)), school (educational), and clinic (medical) environments.  A majority of our caseload in need of coverage is between San Francisco and San Mateo; although, our therapists agree to travel our entire travel radius (Mountain View to SF on the peninsula and Fremont to Albany in the East Bay).  We will do our best to match your skills, background and preference as well as geography with your caseload.
New grads are welcome as a mentorship is available.
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