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Children Don’t Have Strokes? Just Ask Jared - January 22, 2010

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[Source: New York Times, January 18, 2010]

My son Jared lay in a bed at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital, limp and pale, his 7-year-old body tethered to a tangle of tubes and monitor wires.

A neurologist, Dr. Maurine Packard, stood to his left. “Jared,” I recall her saying. “Pay attention to what I say.” And then, in a strong, firm voice: “The barn is red.”

She waited a few moments and asked, “What color is the barn?”

Jared started to answer, then froze. My wife and I, sitting behind Dr. Packard, froze too. Two days before, he had been a happy, athletic second grader, a beautiful boy who loved playing baseball and basketball in the park. Now he couldn’t walk; he had to struggle to remember the color of a barn.

He tried again, and then replied in a weak, slurred voice.

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