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What Did You Find in the Macaroni? - December 11 2009

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This weeks Therapist Tip of the Week comes from Holly Strange MS, CCC/SLP, developer of Say-N-Play and owner of Comprehensive Speech Therapy, LLC. Thanks for the great idea, Holly!

Looking for a fun new activity to elicit language from your child or your clients? Children love searching for things and this activity lets them do just that! Fill a plastic container with raw elbow macaroni and puzzle pieces or small objects and let the hunt begin. Language opportunities are vast with this simple activity and children stay engaged because they are having so much fun. We use this activity for a range of language skill targets, from basic object labeling to more complex object categorization. As an added bonus, this activity is also great for children with sensory processing difficulties, great tactile input from the macaroni.

[Image: macaroni.jpg]

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