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Autism Severity Detected with Brain Activity Test

[Source:  Medical X-Press] UCLA researchers have discovered that children with autism have a tell-tale difference on brain tests compared with other children. Specifically, the researchers found that the lower a child’s peak alpha frequency—a number reflecting the frequency of certain … Continue reading

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Microdystrophin Restores Muscle Strength in DMD in Dogs

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Researchers from Genethon, the AFM-Telethon laboratory, Inserm (UMR) and the Royal Holloway University of London demonstrated the efficacy of an innovative gene therapy in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Indeed, after injecting microdystrophin (a “shortened” version … Continue reading

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Free App For a Limited Time: Mosaics

[Source: Bridging Apps] Mosaics, by the developer Step by Step, is an engaging app that is part of a suite of game-based learning tools designed for early childhood learning. Mosaics allows the user to manipulate through drag-and-drop technology to arrange … Continue reading

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EI Corner: The Lifecycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program

[Source:  Heckman] This paper estimates the large array of long-run benefits of an influential early childhood program targeted to disadvantaged children and their families. It is evaluated by random assignment and follows participants through their mid-30s. The program is … Continue reading

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DIY Chalk Spray Paint

[Source:  The Imagination Tree] Make some DIY chalk spray paint for some outdoor art and creativity with a fun twist this summer! Such a simple recipe using just three ingredients for hours of playful, creative fun! Read the Rest of … Continue reading

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