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Sensory Corner: Sensory Integration at the Playground

[Source: Sugar Aunts] It can be frustrating as a therapist and parent to have a child or client with sensory integration needs when therapy equipment resources are unavailable or too expensive for home or treatment spaces.  It would be nice to refer a … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: Working Your Child with Down Syndrome up to Multitasking

All material Copyright Enabled Kids Reprinted with the express permission of the the author and Enabled Kids as originally published on their website. By: Natan Gendelman Editor’s Note: This article was written for parents of children with Down Syndrome. We reprint … Continue reading

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Same Gene Links Blood Sugar Problems in Down Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes

[Source:  Medical News Today] Problems with insulin secretion experienced by people with Type 2 diabetes, parallel similar problems with insulin-secreting beta cells in many individuals with Down syndrome. A new study, published on May 19 in PLOS Genetics by Professor … Continue reading

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Hand Strengthening Activities: 5 Educational Spray Bottle Games

[Source:  Kids Play Smarter] There seems to be some kind of fascination that kids have with spray bottles! What better way to sneak some educational value into an already motivating game than to incorporate learning and fine motor concepts into … Continue reading

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Research: Omega-3 Lowers Childhood Aggression in Short Term

[Source:  Medical News Today] Incorporating omega-3, vitamins and mineral supplements into the diets of children with extreme aggression can reduce this problem behavior in the short term, especially its more impulsive, emotional form, according to University of Pennsylvania researchers who … Continue reading

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