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Feel Good Photo (Caption) of the Week!

[Source:]   This photograph was posted online by Shanna Niehaus, the mother of five-year-old Kainoa. The caption for it touched thousands of people all around the world to the bottom of their hearts. “See this moment? I’ve never experienced a moment like this. Yesterday was the … Continue reading

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New Form of Autism Found

[Source: Medical News Today] Autism spectrum disorders affect around one percent of the world’s population and are characterized by a range of difficulties in social interaction and communication. In a new study published in Cell, a team of researchers led … Continue reading

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Fine Motor Beaded Snowflakes

[Source:  No Time for Flashcards] I teach at a church preschool where all the children celebrate Christmas, needless to say; we do a lot of Christmas themed activities in the last month of the year. However, this is really the … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Learning Styles: Is Visual Learning Really A Thing?

[Source:  Mind Shift] It’s common to hear people say, “I’m a visual learner,” but research doesn’t support the idea that learning styles like visual or auditory learning are inherent traits. That doesn’t mean learners don’t have preferences, but only one … Continue reading

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Instagram “Regram” of the Week – Art Deco Christmas Trees

[Source: @schoolOTfun on Instagram] Working on an art deco-esque tree design, just playing around with layout for now. I need my students to finish removing our shape turkeys. I make some of my older students use a staple remover to … Continue reading

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