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OT Corner: A Pediatric OT’s Take on Inside Out

[Source:] Have you watched the movie Inside Out yet? My 6-year old has been super excited to watch it, and I must admit that I was looking forward to seeing it too. It’s a great animated film about a girl named Riley and … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: 5 Tips to Stay Organized During the School Year

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Although the start of the school year can feel like a ways off, the best time to prepare is when you actually have some time to do it.  Rather than scramble during the start of the … Continue reading

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Following Directions Activity: Make a Boat Craft!

[Source: Chapel Hill Snippets] A long time ago, I blogged about a boat craft I did with the kids using Pictello.  This was a great activity, and Pictello has only gotten better through the years.  I used this activity again … Continue reading

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Infants Use Expectations to Shape Their Brains

[Source:  Medical XPress] Infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains, researchers have found. A series of experiments with infants ages 5 to 7 months has shown that portions of babies’ brains responsible for … Continue reading

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Predictors of Independent Walking and Cerebral Palsy

[Source:  the journal Physical Therapy via Your Therapy Source] Physical Therapy published research on 80 children with cerebral palsy (ages 2-6 years old, GMFCS Levels II-III) to examine what skills help to determine independent walking to help guide physical therapy … Continue reading

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