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Repetitive Training Contraindicated for People with Autism

[Source:  Psych Central] Emerging research suggests a traditional way of learning may be the wrong approach for those with autism. Learning new behaviors or skills is often challenging for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as they have trouble transferring … Continue reading

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Placement of the Week: Outpatient/EI Occupational Therapist in Indiana!

Congratulations to Nicole B., on her new position through PediaStaff as a Pediatric and Early Intervention OT! Nicole will be working in a wonderful historic town with a very low cost of living.   She will be using sensory integration and oral motor … Continue reading

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Sensory, Seasonal Activity of Week: Touch, Feel and Sort Halloween Friends

[Source: Miss Mancy’s Blog] Halloween is a great time to push children’s sensory boundaries! There are so many gooey, gross activities you can do with them. I like to start with something simple that may feel a little odd to … Continue reading

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Activity of the Week: Patterning and Sequencing with Spiders

[Source:  Pre-K Pages] Making patterns with spiders is a seasonal and fun way to teach patterning! I am always looking for fun things I can use as manipulatives for learning activities, so when I found spider rings in the dollar store … Continue reading

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Brain’s Face Recognition Ability Has “Special Status” Likely to be Heritable

[Source:  Medical X-Press] There is seemingly no cognitive load associated with the near-instantaneous recognition of individual faces. Indeed, facial recognition is so innate and so obviously critical to human social exchange that researchers have long hypothesized that this ability has … Continue reading

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