Its Summertime, So It’s ASHA Schools Time!


toobalooWe are very excited to announce that PediaStaff is an official sponsor for the 2015 ASHA Schools Convention this coming week in Phoenix, Arizona.   Please come visit us at booth #427 so we can get to know you better and discuss your career goals and options for you!

While supplies last, we will be giving away our ever-popular Toobaloo articulation devices! Year after year, we get numerous comments on how clinicians are using their PediaStaff-gifted Toobaloos in the classroom with great success.   We love that we can continue to offer them to SLPs as our gift to you for stopping by!

Can’t wait to see you there!   When you stop by, please let us know that you follow our blog!



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Literacy Corner: Teaching Syllables Can Mask Meaningful Morphemes


[Source:  Edutopia]

Syllable division can mask morphological boundaries and thus hide the meaningful structures of words. Now there’s a statement to think about. How many times have you seen the word every misspelled as “evry”? What did you do to remedy the situation? I bet you over-pronounced the word to help the student perceive all of the written syllables — that’s what most teachers do, myself included.

Spoken Stress

English is not a syllable-timed language. It is a stress-timed language. This means that syllables bear little to no effect on our writing system. Our written language, like any written language, is meant to convey and record meaning, not just to represent phonemes with graphemes. So the syllables that we pronounce in spoken language will be different, in many circumstances, from the way we represent them in written language. Often when we teach kids how to spell or “sound out” unfamiliar words, we ask them to speak unnaturally.

Pronounce every out loud. I’m going to guess that you what you said can be represented this way: /’Εvri/. Am I right? How many syllables did you pronounce? Probably two — and if you pronounced three, you are either a non-native English speaker or you over-pronounced the word. Now look at the word every. How many syllables are represented in writing? Three. In traditional syllable instruction, we would divide the word like this: ev + er + y. As teachers, we then over-enunciate the word to help the child hear all the phonemes in each syllable in order to help him or her spell the word. The problem is that spoken and written syllables do not necessarily match in English words, so by over-enunciating the “syllables,” we are misrepresenting how the written word works.

Read the Rest of this Article on Edutopia

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Hot Jobs! School Based SLPs for San Antonio, TX


Speech-Language Pathologists needed in the San Antonio Area for the 2015-16 School Year!!!

Are you looking for a school-based job in San Antonio?  If so…this could be your lucky day!   My client is interviewing now for school job opportunities for the new school year.  Jobs will begin @ August 19, 2015 and last until June 3, 2016.

Here are the facts:

*  Must have a Master’s Degree in Speech or Communication Disorders
*  Texas SLP License…or be eligible to obtain one by the start of school
*  Assistive Technology experience a Plus
*  Bilingual (Spanish/English) a BIG Plus
*  Work as a contractor in the public school….NO bus duty, hall duty, lunchroom duty, etc.

BILINGUAL Skills are always welcomed and compensated for.

Pay Range will be based on experience and determined during the interview process.

Apply Today Through this Link


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Summer Therapy Ideas: 20 Road Trip Busy Bags

busybags[Source:  Hands on As We Grow]

First of all, what do I consider a ‘busy bag’?

A busy bag to me is something that can be contained and stored away, but brought out to play with and put back (reusable). It doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘bag’.

Secondly, what makes these best for road trips?

These busy bag ideas are great for road trips because they don’t have a million little pieces that the kids are going to constantly be dropping and not being able to continue on with their play until you have a chance to find the lost piece.

Check These Out on Hands on As We Grow!

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Hot Jobs in Tuscon, AZ! School Psych and PT!


We have some wonderful opportunities 2015-2016 school year about half an hour north of Tucson.  There are four school psych openings and a part-time PT position.

Here are the details on the PT opening:

We have a great opportunity for a part-time Physical Therapist for the 2015-2016 school year about half an hour north of Tucson. This position is for three days a week at a three elementary schools with children from grades K-6. The therapist will work with a diverse population of children with a broad range of disabilities. Some students have autism and Down syndrome. The Physical Therapist will receive a lot of support from experienced therapists, so we are able to consider a strong new graduate for this position.

Qualifications: Must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy; a current state license (or eligible) if applicable.

Apply for this Position Today

Learn All About the School Psych Positions Below

We have some wonderful opportunities for School Psychologists about thirty minutes north of Tucson for the 2015-2016 school year. We have two high school level openings, one elementary school opening and one preschool opening. These positions are all just at one school, with the exception of the elementary level position, which is at two schools. We are able to consider new graduates, as we have some veteran School Psychologists who would be able to mentor.

Apply today for more information! 


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