In Autism, There Are Social Benefits of Being a Girl

[Source:  Science Daily]


infant girls at risk for autism pay more attention to social cues in faces than infant boys, according to a Yale School of Medicine study — the first one known to prospectively examine sex-related social differences in at-risk infants.

This difference in observational skills could help protect female siblings of children with autism from developing the disorder themselves, according to lead author Katarzyna Chawarska, associate professor in the Yale Child Study Center and in the Department of Pediatrics. The findings are published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

Chawarska and her colleagues measured spontaneous social attention conducted a prospective study to measure social attention in 101 infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months who have older siblings with autism. The team also studied 61 infants with no risk of autism. Chawarska said high-risk siblings are about 15 to 20 times more likely to have autism than those without history of autism in the family.

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Speechie Freebie! – Speech Snow Globe Craftivity

[Source:  Simply Speech via Speechie Freebies]

snw globe

Included in this packet is a color and black and white version of the snow globe. I found the snow globe clipart from Teacher’s Clipart store on TpT. It is purposely left as a simple template so you can use it for just about any goal you are targeting.

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Activity of the Week: Syllable Matching Tray

[Source:  No Time for Flashcards]


I have gotten a lot of questions over the years about what’s the MOST important exercise for teaching a child to read, and there really isn’t ONE, reading is a whole buffet of things that come together. If there is one thing for parents to do it is to read to your kids, after that there are many other little things to work on in fun ways. In my book Raising A Rock-Star Reader my co-author and I share 75 things parents can do to help support their child, and today’s post is another bite-sized activity that will help your child on their journey to reading.

Breaking up words into syllables is important because it helps children break apart words which ultimately will help them with writing, especially invented spelling and decoding

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Weaving Hearts


[Source:  Teaching Mama]

It’s important for children to have a lot of time to work on fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the actions that are performed in the small muscles in the hands, fingers and wrists. Your child practices using fine motor skills when holding a pencil, using a pair of scissors or lacing their shoes. Today’s fine motor skill is weaving hearts.

Here’s what you need for the activity:

  • colorful foam sheets
  • scissors

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Association Among Childhood ADHD, Sex and Obesity

[Source:  Science Daily]


The incidence of childhood and adult obesity has increased significantly over the past three decades. New research shows that there is an association between obesity development during adulthood and childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Mayo Clinic researchers led the multi-site study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

Although various studies propose a connection between childhood ADHD and obesity, “this is the first population-based longitudinal study to examine the association between ADHD and development of obesity using ADHD cases and controls of both sexes derived from the same birth cohort,” says lead author Seema Kumar, M.D., pediatrician and researcher at Mayo Clinic Children’s Research Center.

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