Hot Job of the Week: SLPs (CF’s Accepted) for Four Corners, New Mexico

fourcornersPediaStaff has  a “now” opportunity for the Speech Language Pathologist who may be seeking an opportunity to work in a school.  Our client is situated in the Northwest corner of New Mexico, otherwise known as “The Four Corners”.  It is a rugged dry climate, however, there is still spectacular scenery. This area is on the territory of Navajo Nation near the town of the same name and is one of New Mexico’s most cherished landmarks. Locals speak of the incredible sunsets that can only be witnessed here.  From time to time, we hear from therapists who have a heart for this population.  Now is the time!  This opportunity will fill quickly, so if you are interested or know someone may be, we need to hear from you this week with your interest  or a referral.  CFs will be supported (with school Fieldwork), Bilingual Spanish is appreciated, but not necessary.

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Parental Attentiveness to Infant Babbling Speeds Up Language Development

[Source: Medical News Today]


Those of you who have young infants will be familiar with the babbling sounds they like to make. But how do you respond? A new study from The University of Iowa and Indiana University suggests that how parents react to their infants’ prattling may influence their language development.

The research team, including Julie Gros-Louis, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Iowa, recently published their findings in the journal Infancy.

In 2003, a study by Gros-Louis and colleagues found that when infants looked at their mothers and babbled, infants were able to learn more advanced, syllable-like sounds more quickly when mothers responded positively – by smiling or touching them, for example – compared with infants whose mothers did not respond positively to their babbling.

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Pediatric Therapy Find of the Week: The Incredible Moodbear

Bumped into this one on Pinterest.  I LOVE this!! Perfect for the desk of the school psychologist, or any therapy clinician working on emotions and social skills!

[Source:  Skizzenblog]



Download the Free Template HERE

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Worth Repeating: The Life Skill More Kids With Special Needs Should Learn

[Source:  Love That Max]


School officials in Jurupa Valley, California, apologized last week for having Patriot High School students in special ed sort through campus trash bins for recyclables. The activity was part of a functional skills program, which also includes doing a budget, purchasing groceries and cooking meals. Outraged parents condemned administrators for humiliating and stigmatizing students with special needs.

This got me thinking about the life skills Max is learning. At school, he’s gotten guidance with feeding, dressing and toileting. His teacher has been wonderful at helping us reinforce manners; Max now regularly says “please” and “thank you,” especially if you take him to visit a fire station. But there’s one life skill Max isn’t picking up at school or at any of the special programs he attends: socializing with so-called typical peers. It isn’t happening much at home, either.

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SLP Corner: Cariboo for Speech Therapy

[Source:  Speech Room News]


I’ve been using this game for seven years and it’s still going strong! Cariboo was a cranium game. It is no longer made. I see it at Goodwill frequently. If you start looking you’ll be able to pick up a version for cheap. In the past I’ve shared about using Cariboo for Articulation therapy and with AAC in preschoolers.

The object of the game is to find all the hidden balls. To find the balls you open the doors on the game with the key. Keep the balls in the shoot on the right hand side. Once you collect all the balls the treasure box opens. The kids LOVE this one because it involves hidden bouncy balls. I love this one because it’s so motivating, a great way to withhold to entice language, and easily modified to fit therapy. The cards slide into the slots on the top of each door.

Target vocabulary receptively by naming items and having the student find the named word. Describe the function and open that door. Expressively, have the student name the item before they open it. Say a sentence before you open the door or ask a friend to open that door. For grammar target plurals or action words. The possibilities are endless!

In the past I’ve made a lot of different Cariboo Companion cards. Thrown in plastic baggies and stuffed into the lid, they were quite the mess. Since I’ve moved back to preschool this year I wanted to get organized.

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