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Hot Job: School Psychologist – Vancouver, WA

PediaStaff has a wonderful opportunity for a School Psychologist!

* Great location in Vancouver, WA
* Easy commute from Portland – or live in WA where there’s no state income tax
* Vision to fully implement the Comprehensive Service Delivery Model
* Super team of School Psychs and you’ll enjoy working here
* Excellent pay rates based on experience
* New graduates – earn a high income now with option to convert to a District employee later

Qualifications: Must hold at least a Master’s or Specialty Degree in School Psychology and be eligible for certification in Washington.  NCSP makes cert easy.

PediaStaff, Inc. offers flexible staffing solutions for pediatric and educational based settings.   Our expertise is backed by excellent hourly rates and per diem offered based upon IRS eligibility.  Additional benefits for full-time contractors include: nationally recognized medical insurance, 401K with matching employer contributions, generous relocation and continuing education assistance, optional summer pay program, and reimbursement for state licensure and/or teacher certifications.

PediaStaff, Inc. provides 24/7-telephone support during your contract assignment – you are not alone when you are on assignment with us.  In addition, we provide Clinical Resource Therapists to assist our therapists in managing their caseloads effectively. Our Clinical Resource Therapists are experienced clinicians who have excelled within their profession and are able to help you succeed.  Respond now and learn how YOU can join our team!   Your privacy and confidentiality are always assured, and new graduates are encouraged to apply.

To Apply, Call us Today at 866-733-4278, Ext. 500 or Apply Online!

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PT Corner: Teaching Children to Catch

[Source:  Dinosaur Physical Therapy]



Catching is a skill set that requires hand eye coordination, motor planning, balance, visual acuity, and depth perception. It is a helpful skill for children to encourage reciprocal play, turn taking and peer modeling too!

Catching Milestones

Catching Rolling Ball (in sitting child corrals rolling ball with arms and/or hands without losing balance): 6-13 months

Catching Ball from 5 Feet (child presents with extended arms directly in front, palms upward or facing each other; attempts to secure ball by bending arms toward chest): 20-30 months

Catching Ball from 5 Feet (catches ball with hands and arms extended): 30-40 months

Catching Ball from 5 Feet (catches ball with hands with arms bent 45-90 degrees at the elbows and palms up or facing each other): 40-50 months

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Inclusion Gains Traction Outside The Classroom

[Source: Disability Scoop]


Kendall Foster was the King’s High School robotics teams’ biggest fan. She loved coming to practices to see her sister, Delaney, when Delaney was a student at the private Shoreline school.

Kendall’s friends were interested in robots and the robotics team, too. So Delaney started researching what might be available for her sister, who has autism.

She didn’t find any robotics teams that were open to students with cognitive disabilities, and she didn’t even find anything related to STEM — science, technology, engineering and math.

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FAPE Case Draws Flurry Of Attention

[Source:  Disability Scoop]


As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider how much educational benefit schools must provide students with disabilities, everyone from lawmakers to states and advocates are weighing in.

A dozen amicus briefs have been filed in the case known as Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District since the high court said this fall that it would take up the matter.

The case marks the first time in more than three decades that the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act’s mandate that public schools provide children with disabilities a free appropriate public education, or FAPE.

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Bilingualism Corner: What’s Going on Inside the Brain of a Bilingual Child?

[Source:  MindShift]


Brains, brains, brains. One thing we’ve learned at NPR Ed is that people are fascinated by brain research. And yet it can be hard to point to places where our education system is really making use of the latest neuroscience findings.

But there is one happy nexus where research is meeting practice: bilingual education. “In the last 20 years or so, there’s been a virtual explosion of research on bilingualism,” says Judith Kroll, a professor at the University of California, Riverside.

Again and again, researchers have found, “bilingualism is an experience that shapes our brain for a lifetime,” in the words of Gigi Luk, an associate professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

At the same time, one of the hottest trends in public schooling is what’s often called dual-language or two-way immersion programs.

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