Hot Job: School-Based SLP – Franklin Park, IL

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Immediate opening for a Speech-Language Pathologist to work 2 or 3 days a week at one elementary school in the vicinity of Franklin Park.

*  Candidate must hold PEL or Type 73
*  Choice of days
*  Caseload has some more involved/complex children, all elementary age

Qualifications: Must hold appropriate Degree in Communications Sciences Disorders, or Speech Language Pathology; and a current state license (or be eligible for same).

PediaStaff, Inc. offers flexible staffing solutions for pediatric and educational based settings.   Our expertise is backed by excellent hourly rates and per diem offered based upon IRS eligibility.  Additional benefits for full-time contractors include: nationally recognized medical insurance, 401K with matching employer contributions, generous relocation and continuing education assistance, optional summer pay program, and reimbursement for state licensure and/or teacher certifications.    PediaStaff, Inc. provides 24/7-telephone support during your contract assignment – you are not alone when you are on assignment with us.  In addition, we provide Clinical Resource Therapists to assist our therapists in managing their caseloads effectively. Our Clinical Resource Therapists are experienced clinicians who have excelled within their profession and are able to help you succeed.  Respond now and learn how YOU can join our team!   Your privacy and confidentiality are always assured, and new graduates are encouraged to apply.

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Hot Job: Pediatric Outpatient SLP – Redwood City, CA

Call Today at 866-733-4278 or   Click HERE to Apply

We are hiring in Redwood City, California, an experienced Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist for a clinic setting.

*  The Position Starts immediate
*  Salary position for a full-time person
*  Pediatric Outpatient Clinic serving mostly Elementary-aged children with mild/moderate disabilities.
*  Clinic has flexible hours from 8-7 (8-5 or 9-6…etc.)
*  Medical Benefits, 401K, Paid Time Off, and a fun group of therapists!!!

Don’t miss out!  If you have been looking for a clinic setting, this is your chance to join a great group.  Apply now or call PediaStaff for more information.

Qualifications: Must hold appropriate Degree in Communications Sciences Disorders or Speech Language Pathology, and a current state license (or be eligible for same).


Call Today at 866-733-4278 or   Click HERE to Apply

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SLP Corner: Top Games for Middle School Speech Language Therapy

[Source:  Natalie Snyders Speech-Language Pathologist]

One question I am asked a lot is, “What are your favorite games and activities to use with middle school students in speech-language therapy?”  Today, I would like to share with you my top 13 favorites.

One thing that I think it is important to note that I’m not an SLP that uses games in every session, even for my elementary students.  For middle school, I prefer to structure my sessions with an introductory activity, then a main activity, followed by a few minutes of games as a reward at the end of the session.

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PT Corner: Using a Swing to Work on Jumping

[Source:  Starfish Therapies]

We have recently had several kids who are struggling with jumping.  Sure, they clear their feet when they jump, but they are relying on using their hips to lift their feet, rather than push off through the toes.  And learning how to land so that they are primed to either jump again, or absorb the shock, has also proven challenging.

So we decided to brainstorm one day and one of the suggested ideas was to have the child lie on their back on a platform swing, move them forward so their feet are touching a wall, and have them push off.  As they swing back they will practice absorbing the shock and then pushing again.  By having them lie down, their body is in a similar position to if they were jumping in standing. We found the kids loved it.  We had to show them a couple of times what to do, and occasionally slow the return down while they were still getting the hang of it, but once they figured it out, they were self propelling themselves on a swing.  I don’t know about you, but a majority of our kids love to swing.

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The 6th Annual Great Bike Giveaway

[Source: Friendship Circle]

For a child with special needs, bike riding offers far more than a recreational experience. Bike riding provides a source of much-needed exercise, gives therapeutic value, and contributes to an inclusive environment where a child with special needs can ride a bike like everyone else.

Due to balance and mobility challenges, many children and teens with special needs require the use of an adaptive bike. Sadly, most families cannot afford the high costs of adaptive bikes and their children remain on the sidelines watching their friends and family members ride by.

For the 6th consecutive year, Friendship Circle is holding the Great Bike Giveaway, an annual campaign that strives to provide as many bikes as possible to children and teens with special needs. We partner with adaptive bike companies from around the world to offer these special adaptive bikes as well as a fundraising platform so friends and family members can give a child with special needs the experience, joy and independence of riding a special bike.

The Great Bike Giveaway is dedicated to the memory of Michaela Noam Kaplan of blessed memory. Despite her physical limitations due to cerebral palsy, Michaela adored life, traveled the world, went to school — and loved her adaptive bicycle.

Learn More About the Campaign and/or Donate!


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