SLP Corner: The Language of STEM

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I’ve written a number of times about the language skills needed and used in STEM education. As speech language therapists we often work in subjects that people don’t typically connect with language. I had a middle school student with a language learning disability and I worked primarily on math and science assignments with her, working through vocabulary, describing what worked and what didn’t in solving problems, and explaining the processes. Students are required to be able to explain how they got to an answer, showing understanding of the concepts involved.

Today I was again reminded of the link for my 5 year-old who is my builder. Sam disappears and reappears with the most amazing structures. Today he showed me his bike made from

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OT Corner: How to Use a Timer to Help with Letter Formation

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This super easy handwriting trick is one that can be done right now.  Pick up your phone, turn on the timer app and start practicing handwriting.  Using a timer to help with letter formation is one way that kids can develop consistency with correct letter formation, speed, and accuracy (with a goal of handwriting legibility!) when completing writing tasks independently.

Teachers and OTs who are who are working on handwriting are often times addressing letter formation skills. The ability to construct letters stems from a top to bottom approach and in correct letter formation order.  For example, a child should not be writing a letter in sections or with unnecessary re-trace.  Many times you see preschool children form letters by sections and not constructing the letter correctly.  These inaccuracies can be carried over to the later grade years and will absolutely interfere with legibility as the child is required to write more, at faster speeds, and in smaller spaces.

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Fine Motor Activity of the Week: 5 Ways to Make a Collage

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Making a collage is simply gluing a variety of materials together to create something. Here are 5 different ways to create collages in a preschool or kindergarten classroom.

1. Use stickers.
Provide a variety of stickers and paper. Kids can pull stickers and arrange them in a design. We’ve used foam stickers, shape stickers, jewel stickers, and picture stickers. We’ve used paper strips, larger pieces of paper, and one large piece of paper to make a group collage.

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Fall Theme Activities for Speech

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This week in speech, we had a fall theme since we are now “officially” in the season…I use this loosely because it is 90 degrees around here and flip flops and shorts are still in full swing 🙂  Nevertheless, I busted out some fun activities to get us in the mood!  Here is what we did….

I had a BUNCH of different shaped leaves in fall colors (and even some white ones for decorating).  For artic, I had the kids write speech words on each leaf and then they glued it to a piece of construction paper.  They worked on this while I drilled and it was perfect!

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Placement of the Week! Pediatric PT on the Panhandle!

Congratulations to Amy H, on her new position on the Florida Panhandle with one of PediaStaff’s Outpatient Therapy clients!

Amy will be joining a team focused on treating young people from Birth to 3 years of age in homes, charter school and clinic.

Pensacola boasts the most beautiful “sugar sand” beaches, a wide variety of restaurants, university and college, VERY low cost of living coupled with NO state personal income tax…and a wonderful beach lifestyle!

Enjoy, Amy and Congrats!


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