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Preterm Children’s Brains Can Catch Up Years Later

[Source:  Science Daily]


There’s some good news for parents of preterm babies — latest research from the University of Adelaide shows that by the time they become teenagers, the brains of many preterm children can perform almost as well as those born at term.

A study conducted by the University’s Robinson Research Institute has found that as long as the preterm child experiences no brain injury in early life, their cognitive abilities as a teenager can potentially be as good as their term-born peers.

However, the results of the study, published in this month’s issue of The Journal of Pediatrics, also highlight that the quality of the home environment at the time of the child’s birth plays an important role in their cognition later in life.

“Every year, 10% of Australian babies are born preterm, and many studies have shown that these children often have cognitive difficulties in childhood,” says one of the lead authors of the study, Dr Julia Pitcher from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute.

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Peers with Strong Language Skills Help Preschoolers with Special Needs

Editor’s Note:  Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion!


The guiding philosophy for educating children with disabilities has been to integrate them as much as possible into a normal classroom environment, with the hope that peers’ skills will help bring them up to speed. A new study provides empirical evidence that peers really can have an impact on a child’s language abilities, for better or worse.

While peers with strong language skills can help boost their classmates’ abilities, being surrounded by peers with weak skills may hinder kids’ language development.

The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

“We were surprised to see the striking differences among children’s language skills at the end of the school year when considering those with less-skilled peers and highly-skilled peers,” says psychological scientist Laura Justice of the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy at The Ohio State University, lead author on the study. “In particular, children with disabilities seemed to be very negatively affected by having classmates who were less-skilled.”

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PediaStaff Hits 75,000 followers on Pinterest

pinterestWow.  We are so very humbled to report that with your help, PediaStaff has reached 75,000 followers on Pinterest in just under two years.

Please check out our boards there to see literally thousands of therapy ideas, articles, and links specifically for pediatric therapy.   We have over 130 boards at this writing.   Feel free too to send the parents of your students/clients to our boards.  We have lots of special needs families that get quite a lot from our boards as well!

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PediaStaff Placement of the Week: School Psych in Arizona


Kudos to John P.  on his new contract School Psychologist position in Arizona through PediaStaff!  What a beautiful place to work!  Enjoy and Congrats!


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