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The Benefits of Helping Preschoolers Understand and Discuss Their Emotions

[Source:  MindShift] By Deborah Farmer Kris Terrible Twos. Threenagers. Fearsome Fours.  These are years marked by tantrums and meltdowns — palpable reminders that young children haven’t yet learned how to regulate their emotions. But rather than wait for them to … Continue reading

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Exploring the ADHD-Autism Link

[Source: Science Daily] For the better part of the last decade, a growing body of research has been revealing more and more similarities between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism. Jean Gehricke, an associate professor of pediatrics at UC Irvine and a … Continue reading

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Autism- Epilepsy Connection Explored in Four Studies

[Source: Science Daily] Epilepsy affects nearly 30 percent of all people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a neurobehavioral condition marked by impaired social and language development. Conversely, many patients with epilepsy display ASD-like behavior. Recent studies suggest that epileptic seizures … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Victim Inspires Emotional Learning Legislation

[Source: Education] Three words were written on the kitchen chalkboard by 6-year-old Jesse Lewis just a few days before he died in the Sandy Hook tragedy. Those three words, nurturing, healing, and love, have become the inspiration for a foundation … Continue reading

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School Therapy Corner: 5 Strategies for Recovering After Your Worst Day Teaching

[Source:  Edutopia] Ice crystallized on the windshield, then a tire burst on the way to school, making you late. By the time you arrived, the computer (with the video clip and presentation cued up) froze. Minutes later, Jason pulled the … Continue reading

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