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Worth Repeating: Measuring Students’ Self-Control: A ‘Marshmallow Test’ for the Digital Age

[Source:  Mind Shift] The “marshmallow test” invented by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel and colleagues in the 1960s is famously known as a measure of willpower. The experiment gave preschoolers the option of either eating one mini-marshmallow right away or waiting 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Video Resource of the Week: What’s Going On Inside A Dyslexic Student’s Brain?

[Source:  Ted-Ed via Mind Shift] There’s no such thing as a “normal brain.” In fact, there’s a lot of diversity in how different brains process information — a challenge for educators tasked with teaching a diverse group of learners. Dyslexia … Continue reading

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Early Intervention Can Curb Aggression in Kids

[Source: Psych Central] Timely new research discovers aggressive children are less likely to become violent criminals or psychiatrically troubled adults if they receive early school and home-based interventions. The Fast-Track Project study, by researchers at Duke, Pennsylvania State, Vanderbilt universities … Continue reading

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Report: Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Effective for Autism

[Source:  Best Practice] It is well established that early intervention is a critical determinant in the course and outcome of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) is considered a central feature of intervention programming for children with … Continue reading

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Ask PediaStaff: I Have Filled out My Application With PediaStaff, What Happens Next?

After you have completed your screening questionnaire/interview, your profile and resume will be sent to the appropriate PediaStaff Staffing Consultant(s) for your geographic area. You will receive a notification from the PediaStaff career center confirming your application has been received … Continue reading

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