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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Social Skills And ADHD

[Source: North Shore Pediatrics] Many children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exhibit significant concerns with regard to their social and emotional functioning.  Research has indicated that there is a high correlation between children who have ADHD and their social skills.  What is … Continue reading

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Asperger’s Children and Lack of Reciprocity in Social Interactions

[Source:  My Aspergers Child] “Can you help me to understand what they mean when they say that children with Aspergers or high functioning autism appear to experience a ‘lack of reciprocity’ in social interactions?” This refers to a child who … Continue reading

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Study Gives New Genetic Insight to Fragile X Syndrome

[Source: Medical News Today] Researchers have furthered their knowledge of fragile X syndrome – the most common known cause of inherited intellectual disability – thanks to a patient with a mutation in a specific gene exhibiting some of the disorder’s … Continue reading

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This Young Man with Autism Can’t Speak but Watch Him Sing His Heart Out

[Source:  The Autism News] Ronan Keating’s smash hit “When You Say Nothing At All” has sold millions of copies worldwide and been performed by artists across the globe. But when one handsome young man from Manchester in England walks on … Continue reading

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Imaging Study Finds Unique Brain Patterns Among Those with Autism

[Source:  Psych Central] Unfortunately, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remains a condition that presents more questions than answers. Some studies have found a lack of connection or synchronization between different parts of the brain while other studies have found the exact … Continue reading

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