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Prelinguistic Infants Can Categorize Colors

[Source:  Medical News Today] A joint group of researchers from Chuo University, Japan Women’s University and Tohoku University has revealed that infants aged between 5 and 7 months hold the representation of color categories in their brain, even before the … Continue reading

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Babies Already Have a Grasp of the Physics of Liquids

[Source:  Medical News Today] We are born with a basic grasp of physics, just enough not to be surprised when we interact with objects. Scientists discovered this in the past two decades. What they did not know yet was that, … Continue reading

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Making A Difference- Janell Marino of PediaStaff

by Keith Adams, PediaStaff Partner and VP of Recruiting As one of the members of the PediaStaff management team I have a good view of how the members of our company do their job on a daily basis. However, due … Continue reading

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Association Among Childhood ADHD, Sex and Obesity

[Source:  Science Daily] The incidence of childhood and adult obesity has increased significantly over the past three decades. New research shows that there is an association between obesity development during adulthood and childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Mayo Clinic … Continue reading

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Movement Scaling, Handwriting and ADHD

[Source:  Journal of Attention Disorders via Your Therapy Source] Journal of Attention Disorders published research on 14 boys with ADHD and 14 typically developing boys ages 7-15 years old.  Each child was assessed while writing a 10 mm and 40 … Continue reading

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