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Siblings of Children with Autism Can Show Signs at 18 Months

[Source:  Science Daily] About 20% of younger siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will develop the condition by age 3. A new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers has found that 57% of these younger siblings who … Continue reading

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Having a Sibling Makes Boys Selfless, Study Suggests

[Source:  Science Daily] A new study brings good news to all the brothers out there: Having a sibling is just as good for you as it is for your sister. That’s surprising to family scholars because boys typically report that … Continue reading

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Physical Activity and Executive Control in Children

[Source Pediatrics via Your Therapy Source] Pediatrics published research on 221 children (7-9 years old) who were randomly assigned to either a 9 month after school physical activity program or a wait list group. Following the intervention various measurements were recorded: … Continue reading

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Institutional Rearing May Increase Risk for ADD

[Source:  Science Daily via Elsevier] Over the past decades, we have seen numerous tragic examples where the failure of institutions to meet the needs of infants for social contact and stimulation has led to the failure of these infants to … Continue reading

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Scientists Identify Potential Cause of 40% of Pre-Term Births

[Source: Medical News Today] Scientists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and UCL (University College London) have identified what they believe could be a cause of pre-term premature rupture of the fetal membrane (PPROM), which accounts for 40 percent … Continue reading

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