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Study Probes Brain Networks in Anorexia

[Source:  Psych Central] New research, published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, investigates the neurobiological mechanisms associated with the ability of individuals with anorexia (AN) to avoid food. Investigators believe the knowledge of how anorexics are able to resist food may be applied … Continue reading

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Physical Symmetry Linked to Faster Reactions, Study Shows

[Source:  Medical News Today] Children with more symmetrical hands have speedier mental responses than others, according to a study. Children with balanced physical proportion on their left and right hands were able to react more quickly in mental tests. This … Continue reading

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Finding a New Test for Children with Concussions

[Source:  Science Daily] Researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital -The Neuro, at McGill University and the MUHC, are working to develop a much needed tool for helping diagnose concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries suffered by thousands of … Continue reading

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Spring Break/Easter Visual Support Templates and Tips

[Source:  The Success Box] Being prepared for a week off of school and Easter events will help make your holiday less stressful. Here are a few visuals supports to make it a fun time for all, including: a Social Story … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide

[Source:  Special-ism] A survival kit is typically full of many items to help a person withstand adverse or unusual conditions. Many teenagers with Asperger’s are continually trying to figure out how to exist in a predominantly neurotypical world. Enter: An … Continue reading

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