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PT Corner: Righting Reactions

[Source: Starfish Therapies] What are righting reactions you may ask.  Righting reactions are the reactions that help bring our head, trunk, and body back to midline so we can keep our balance.  They help us to be able to stand … Continue reading

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Acute Exercise and Executive Function in Children

[Source: Psychophysiology via Your Therapy Source] Psychophysiology published research on the effects of acute exercise on executive function in 20 healthy, 8-10, year old children.  This study compared the effect of an acute bout of continuous or intermittent, moderate-intensity treadmill exercise … Continue reading

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Advocacy Corner: Reverse The Cuts

Editor’s Note:   This is a GREAT video, that puts faces to the thousands of kids who will be affected if drastic Medicaid cuts in Texas go through..  Please share. [Source: Capable Kids Foundation] Medicaid cuts are threatening the well-being … Continue reading

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Indoor Ice Skates: Proprioception and Vestibular Sensory Play Activity

[Source: Sugar Aunts] Sometimes, you come across a play activity that provides many skill areas and is just plain old fun.  These indoor ice skates proprioception and vestibular activity is one of those.  Last year, we shared a bunch of winter sensory integration … Continue reading

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PT Corner: Tummy Time – Not Just for Babies

[Source: Starfish Therapies] Tummy time is a common activity that babies participate in while they grow and develop. Spending time on their tummy allows babies to help build neck and back strength. Being on their stomach gives babies an opportunity … Continue reading

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