Cerebral Palsy Is Hilarious, According to This 14-Year-Old Comedian (VIDEO)

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[Source: Take Part.com]

Jack Carroll would rather laugh about his disability than hide it.


Jack Carroll is a 14-year-old stand-up comedian. He also happens to have cerebral palsy, which is the central theme of his act.

The teen recently appeared on the television show Britain’s Got Talent, and received a standing ovation. But it’s not because he’s “good for a kid,”—he’s just talented. And fearless. As Carroll explained to the U.K.’s Daily Mirror, “If I can laugh at myself and make people laugh, maybe they will not be scared to talk about disability.”

Watch Jack Carrol’s Appearance on Britain’s Got Talent – on TakePart.com
I dare you not to smile!

Check out this Great Editorial by Ellen Seidman of Love that Max and Parent’s Magazine on Jack and her hope for her own son with CP.


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