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Hot Job! Contract Pediatric Outpatient Occupational Therapist Assistant – Ozark, AL

Now hiring a contract COTA for a temporary position in South Alabama.  This is a fabulous opportunity to work in a variety of settings: Clinic, Early Intervention, and School.  Learn more about our spacious facility and providing quality pediatric care … Continue reading

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Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Simple Origami Butterfly

[Source: Red Ted Art] Red Ted Art has some fantastic crafts.  Many of them are too hard for some of our clients, but others are perfect.   Simple Origami is one of the best activities out there.  Here is one … Continue reading

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App Review: iDo Hygiene App

[Source:  OTs with Apps] iDo Hygiene is a new app providing instruction, video and games to learn personal hygiene. Included is an option to create your own images in the 12 hygiene areas. Created by the Center for Educational Technology … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: Father Inspired After Child’s Autism Improved by Course of Antibiotic

[Source:  Medical News Today] John Rodakis’ son was prescribed a 10-day course of amoxicillin, one of the most frequently usedantibiotics in the US, and within just 4 days of commencing the treatment, changes were observed in his autism symptoms. “[He] began making eye contact, … Continue reading

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Physical Symmetry Linked to Faster Reactions, Study Shows

[Source:  Medical News Today] Children with more symmetrical hands have speedier mental responses than others, according to a study. Children with balanced physical proportion on their left and right hands were able to react more quickly in mental tests. This … Continue reading

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