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Babies Born in Winter Start Crawling Earlier Than Those Born in Summer

[Source: Science Daily] The season of a baby’s birth influences its motor development during its first year of life, a new study by University of Haifa researcher’s shows. Babies born in the winter (between December and May) start crawling earlier … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Helpful Tips for New School-Based Occupational Therapists

by Christie Kiley, OTR/L New school-based occupational therapists have a steep learning curve. To be honest, the experience of being a first-year school-based OT can be very similar to being a first-year teacher. Though you may be an excellent therapist … Continue reading

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Learning to Play the Piano? Sleep on It!

[Source:  Science Daily] According to researchers at the University of Montreal, the regions of the brain below the cortex play an important role as we train our bodies’ movements and, critically, they interact more effectively after a night of sleep. … Continue reading

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Interview Topic of the Week: HIPAA

Does HIPAA apply at your facility? If so, what are your HIPAA guidelines?   How do you comply with HIPAA on a daily basis?  The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 established privacy rules patients in health care settings … Continue reading

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Pinterest Pinboard of the Week – Therapy Activities and Resources with Autumn and Harvest Themes

This week’s Pinterest Pinboard of the week will get you in the mood for more activities, crafts and ideas to do with your therapy kiddos during the autumn and harvest season. This is our third school year maintaining and developing this … Continue reading

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