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Worth Repeating: So Why Should Occupational Therapists Bother to Write Rubrics?

by Eleanor Cawley, MS., OTR/L Mostly, therapists read my posts on social media and then move on. Some comment positively and others, not at all. But then there are those times when there  is that one person who challenges you. … Continue reading

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PediaStaff Interview Question of the Week: Why Do You Want to Work for our School District?

Why do you want to work for our school district? Here is a great question that definitely requires your advance preparation for each individual interview.   In general, you can answer most questions the same way throughout your job search. … Continue reading

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Physically Fit Kids Have More Compact Brain White Matter

Editor’s Note:  So, can we please bring recess back, yet? [Source:  Psych Central] A new study shows that nine and 10-year-old kids who are more aerobically fit have more fibrous and compact white-matter tracts in their brains than kids who … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Join? Why?

Editor’s Note:  This article was written by an SLP, but is relevant and important for all pediatric therapists and clinical professionals!   Get Connected! by Annie Doyle, CCC-SLP I will admit it, for many years I was not a member in my local … Continue reading

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Gut Bacteria May Influence Cravings, Moods

[Source:  Psych Central] The bacteria found in our digestive tracts may be affecting both our cravings and moods, and may even push us toward obesity, according to a new analysis published in the journal BioEssays. Based on a review of recent … Continue reading

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