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OT/PT Corner: Effective Service Coordination for Students with Acquired Brain Injury or ABI in School

Katherine A. Kimes, Ed.D., CBIS Changes in a student’s physical well-being, cognition, emotional and psychosocial behaviors after a traumatic (TBI) or acquired brain injury  (ABI) can stigmatize the child in school. Therefore, it is important to address all these areas … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Visible and Invisible Disabilities: On being a Reluctant Ambassador

by Lucas Steuber, MA-T, MS SLP/CF I  have a disability. It’s kind of a silly one. Are you ready? I’m colorblindSpecifically, I have an M-Cone Reduction Deuteranomaly, which about 1.2 percent of men have and 0.02% of women. The gender difference is … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Coping with Hearing Voices

[Source:  Fab Strategies] by John Pagano, PhD, OTR/L Hearing voices that others don’t perceive is a challenging difficulty for a small but significant number of children, adolescents, and adults. While some people who hear voices do not experience functional problems, many … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: ADHD Behavior Management – Teach Them How

[Source: Special Education Advisor] By Diane Dempster, MHSA, CPC, ACC This is a common refrain at our house – sound familiar? “Son, you look like you’ve lost focus. What do you need to do to get back on task?” Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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PediaStaff Interview Question of the Week: A Strength that is a Weakness

Here is another interview question to chew on. Write down your answer to this one and other questions for easy review the next time you have an interview or have to present yourself for a promotion or advancement. “Sometimes a … Continue reading

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