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‘I Spy’ Used to Show Spoken Language Helps Direct Children’s Eyes

[Source:  Science Daily] Children spot objects more quickly when prompted by words than if they are only prompted by images, cognitive scientists have demonstrated.  Spoken language taps into children’s cognitive system, enhancing their ability to learn and to navigate cluttered … Continue reading

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Another Seasonal Idea of the Week: Speech and Language Garden

[Source:  Bright Ideas SLP] This week I am working on a Speech & Language Garden… aka flowers on my bulletin board. It’s so easy and provides many data collection opportunities. Here’s how it’s done: You simply cut out circles for … Continue reading

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App of the Week: Charades Articulation – Brand New & Free

App and Article below by Eric Raj, CCC-SLP I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine, I adore the game of charades. It’s a timeless game that has the ability to turn any uneventful get-together into … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Literature Review – Non-Speech Oral Motor Exercises

Editor’s Note:  This past week, we reprinted an blog post by Samantha Weatherford regarding EI Strategies .   An OT reader of ours commented that she was not familiar with the evidence that has been collected as of late regarding … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dads of Disability

Editor’s Note:  The author of this book, Gary Dietz, is generously offering a discount on his book to all PediaStaff readers.  Please visit his blog for this exclusive offer. Book:  Dads of Disability Collected and Edited by Gary Dietz Additional … Continue reading

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