10 Free Winter Olympics Brain Break Ideas

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The Winter Olympics are quickly approaching.  It’s a great time to add more movement into the classroom with brain breaks. These quick brain breaks can be highly motivating for the class during an Olympic year.

Here are 10 FREE Winter Olympic brain break ideas:

  1. Downhill skiing – Pretend to downhill ski.  Squat down low, arms straight (reaching back and low). Keep knees together. Stand back up slowly. Pretend to glide through the snow as you squat.
  2. Ski Jumping – Stand up. Squat down low and count to 5 then stand up tall and go straight on your tiptoes with arms straight.
  3. Snowboarder – Pretend to snowboard.  Stand up tall arms out to the side with feet together. Bend your knees slightly moving hips
    side to side.

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