Favorite Games for Speech & Language

[Source: Speech Room News] 

I guarantee if you left me alone to wander through a school, I’d end up rummaging through cabinets to see what resources teachers and therapists had stashed away in their closets. Since we live in the age of the internet, you don’t have to be quite so intrusive to find out what games I love to use with my students.

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SLP Corner: Progress Monitoring Resources for Speech-Language Therapy

[Source:  Doyle Speech Works]

About a two months ago (hard to believe) I was considering some new goals for a middle school student. I was feeling at a loss in terms of what I could use to monitor present levels. I have some tools that are quite effective, (my freebies are here and here) but I wanted to progress monitor his word finding skills and what I created just didn’t cut the muster. I also have some progress monitoring tools I purchased and truth be told, I’m not thrilled with them.  So what to use?

I remembered some books that I used to use ALL. THE. TIME. When new materials become available my tried and true resources get relegated to the back of the cabinet. How sad! As I considered what I had available, I pulled out these materials that are perfect for

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OT Corner: Games That Improve Pencil Grasp

[Source: The OT Toolbox]

Working on a functional pencil grasp with your child or occupational therapy caseload? Need activities to improve pencil grasp that kids WANT to do? These games that improve pencil grasp through fine motor activities are activities that boost the skills kids need for pencil grasp and games that strengthen the hands. Working on pencil grip to make and efficient and functional pencil grasp can be as easy as adding a few fine motor games to your therapy toolbox!

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PT Corner: All About Shapes Yoga for Kids

[Source: Pink Oatmeal]

I love combining moving with learning and one fun way to do that is by doing shapes yoga for kids.  The yoga poses are your traditional yoga poses with a twist to make them easy for kids to relate to shapes.  It’s a fun way for kids to kinesthetically work on learning!

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Vestibular Exercise Program Helps Increase Balance and Agility

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The 17 children were recruited from two summer enrichment programs and were divided into two groups based on age (group 1: 9.9 yrs – group 2: 18.4 yrs.).

Each participant was evaluated with the Bruininks Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency 2 subtests for balance, bilateral and upper limb coordination, and agility prior to and after six weeks of 2 times per week vestibular stimulation exercises.

The vestibular exercises included an exercise maze that was developed to provide vestibular stimulation exercises in a fun atmosphere.  There were 15 activities in the maze that included components such as balance, coordination, muscular strengthening, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

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