Interdisciplinary Therapy Activity of the Week: Beaded Dragonfly & Lightning Bug Craft

beadedbugsHow adorable is this??  Thank You to I Heart Crafty Things for this fantastic summery, insect-themed idea that combines fine motor practice with a ‘reward-for-correct-utterance’ activity!     I would combine it with a reading of Sam and the Firefly – one my all time favorite books!


Learn How to make these Adorable Bugs on I Heart Crafty Things

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Pool Noodle Fine Motor Balance Tray

[Article and Image Source:  Hands on As We Grow]


With summer just around the corner, this pool noodle fine motor balance tray will have your little one eager and excited to participate while developing and strengthening their basic fine motor skills.

I love utilizing items that we already have around our house as part of our learning for many reasons. Not only does it allow for spontaneous and hands on play, it is an efficient way of keeping your cost of planning activities within your budget.

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Behavior Corner: Using Principles of ABA in the Classroom

Kristen Jensen, MS, BCBA


At the onset of my career, I taught at a non-public school, specializing in educating individuals on the autism spectrum. As a teacher with a Masters of Science in Special Education, I was using ABA, without even knowing it. As I went back to school to pursue my BCBA, I discovered I was using many of these techniques, without knowing the scientific term.

In this article, I will provide the ABC’s of ABA; that I felt were helpful to use in the classroom and group settings. These techniques are beneficial to teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapist, physical therapists and parents.

ANTECEDENT CONTROL: Looking at what is occurring prior to the onset of the behavior. Once the antecedent has been successfully identified, make the appropriate changes to reduce a maladaptive behavior or increase a new skill or expected behavior.

BURST (Extinction, that is…) Immediate increase in frequency, intensity and variability of the behavior.

{example}- a child may yell for a longer period of time and screams and kicks their legs as well to attempt to gain the reinforcement of leaving the classroom.

COLLECTING DATA:   Collecting data is not always a realistic task for a facilitator with more than one student or client. When we think of ABA, we typically think of graphs/1:1 interventions/in-home services, etc. but it does not have to be… Continue reading

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Summer Sunglasses Craftivity – Handwriting and Scissor Skills

[Source: Your Therapy Source]


Download this free summer sunglasses activity to create a cute craft while practicing handwriting and scissor skills.  There are step by step directions as well.  You can download the craftivity here


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SLP Corner: Taking Speech Language Therapy Outside

[Source: SLP Natalie Synders]

Is the weather ever so nice that you just want to take therapy outside for the day?  We don’t get those days too often in Illinois, and it doesn’t always work with what I need to target or get done in therapy, but here are some ideas I have used when I do!

Two of my favorite outdoor therapy items are sidewalk chalk and bubbles!

For sidewalk chalk, here are some ideas:

  • ARTICULATION: Draw pictures or write target words with your students’ articulation target sounds.
  • LANGUAGE: To target following directions, have your students draw what you direct.  (Ex: “First, draw a blue circle.  Then, draw a red star.”)
  • ARTICULATION/FLUENCY: You could create an obstacle course, with spots for the students to hop to, walk backwards on a line, balance on one foot, and spin around – but the catch is that they have to say their target words/phrase/sentence or answer a question correctly before they can go through to the next section of the obstacle course.  (Bonus: Have your students

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