A Shorter IQ Test for Children with Special Needs

[Source: Science Daily]

For decades, neuropsychologists have used the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children test as the gold-standard intelligence quotient (IQ) test to determine the intellectual abilities of children with special needs. However, this comprehensive test can take up to 2 hours to complete, and many children with special needs have a difficult time participating in such long tests.

To solve this problem, researchers at the University of Missouri’s Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders identified measures in the test that appeared to be repetitive and succeeded in shortening the test by up to 20 minutes while still maintaining its accuracy in determining a child’s IQ.

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Behind My Mask: A Super Kids Self-Portrait

[Source;  Cassie Stephens Blogspot]

I have created a lesson for my students and any kiddos who wish to create titled Behind My Mask! When my students return in the fall (and, yes, I said ‘when’ as I am very hopeful and optimistic), they will be asked to mask-up. We always seem to start out school year with a selfie so I was bummed when I thought of the idea of my students drawing themselves with their best facial feature hidden. And that’s where the idea of this surprise drawing came from.

Learn More and Watch the How to Video on Cassie Stephens Blogspot

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SLP Corner: Supporting Communication During Social Distancing: Ten Tips for Teachers and Clinicians

[Source:  The Stuttering Foundation]

by Courtney Byrd, PhD, CCC-SLP

As some schools and school districts make plans to continue distance learning in full or as part of a hybrid learning approach, the Stuttering Foundation provides guidance and help. Following is a list of tips from Courtney Byrd, PhD, CCC-SLP, for teachers, school-based SLPs and clinicians working with children who stutter:

The environments in which we communicate on a daily basis have changed drastically worldwide given the global pandemic, but there are still many ways to facilitate successful communication. Here is a top ten list of suggestions for teachers and clinicians that they can use to help children who stutter navigate the challenges unique to communicating effectively and meaningfully during this time of social distancing.

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Sensory Corner at Home: Glowing Bath and Play Ideas!!

[Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose]

Take bath time up a notch and make it glow!

I love setting up fun and creative baths for Jewel and Rosie. Over the years we have found all sorts of ways to play. Here, is a collection of glow-in-the-dark bath activities for kids.  Looking for other glowing activities for kids?  Check out this blog post for bath and playtime activities that glow!!

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Clinician’s Corner: Social Emotional Learning and School Reopenings: A Guide for Schools

[Source: Education Week]

Schools are trying to plan for the upcoming academic year during a pandemic, economic recession, and national protests over police killings of Black Americans. The confluence of these seismic challenges makes developing students’ social and emotional skills critical to their academic fortunes, says a new guide on reopening schools developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, or CASEL, and 40 other education groups, including professional associations and influential philanthropies.

The guide lays out what schools need to do to respond comprehensively to the myriad challenges students are facing, which include missed milestones, economic instability, racism, institutional bias, and even the  death of loved ones.

Read the Rest of this Article and the SEL Reopening Guide HERE

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