Accessibility Corner: Modification Ideas of Playground Play for Children

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[Source:  Growing Hands-On Kids]


Playgrounds are usually a very popular activity among younger and school age children. My daughter always asks to go to the park and she loves checking out new playgrounds in the area. For some children however, playing on a typical playground can be challenging because of special needs, sensory processing concerns or developmental delays. I am teaming up with some therapy bloggers today to discuss playgrounds and I will be sharing some modifications of playground play and equipment for children.

Playground play is a very important part of a child’s development for many reasons. It helps to develop their emotional, cognitive, physical growth.

Here are just a few skills that children develop through play and on playgrounds:

  • Waiting in line
  • Taking turns
  • Initiating and Sustaining conversations
  • Accepting help from others
  • Listening
  • Accepting feedback
  • Follow directions
  • Play by mutually agreed upon rules

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