App of the Week: Language & Vocabulary on Sims FreePlay for iPad

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On the Episode #7 of GeekSLP TV recorded in 2010, I talked about my favorite computer game for promoting language skills: The Sims. Since then, EA Games has released the iPad version of the game called Sims Free Play. I have played the game a few times, and despite the fact that it is not even close to as flexible and powerful as the computer version, the Sims Free Play can be one great game for promoting language skills and vocabulary. This app contains rich graphics without any real verbal language; this way therapists and parents can have the opportunity to elicit language at any time. Many goals, particularly verbs can be targeted in the context with a fully animated visual aid.

Clinicians who work in languages other than English can also switch the language on the game and work with the app.

My only pet peeve with the app is the fact that, since it is a free app you are constantly bugged to buy Simoleons (Simms money) in order to purchase furniture for the house.  You can still earn money by completing tasks within the game, but when using this app with children you need to be aware of the constant buy-in app request.

Let’s go on to the specifics

Possible target objectives

  1. Vocabulary (During character building)
    1. Body Parts
    2. Colors
    3. Clothing items
    4. Personality traits


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One Response to App of the Week: Language & Vocabulary on Sims FreePlay for iPad

  1. SusanMosley says:

    There are so many more goals than just vocabulary!

    It is full of opportunities to address emotional and social goals as well as sentence structure, verb endings, prepositions, sequencing, problem solving, inferencing, story telling, and more.