App Review of the Week: Verbs News

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[Source:  Consonantly Speaking]

Breaking News! This just in…a new application is that focuses on verb tenses is now available for the iPad! With a news theme and graphics as well as the ability to collect data, this application is revolutionary in the iTunes store! The application is called Verbs News, developed by Virtual Speech Center. To read my review of this great application, continue reading below.

The entire application’s theme is a news room. The students are the reporters and Andrew is the news anchor who introduces you to the application. All icons and backgrounds are related to the news theme, which is motivating to students!

Press the “Start” button to begin application play with a student. Application play will be discussed later in the review.

Intro to Tenses
When pressed, Andrew will state “tap a news channel to start having fun!” The four choices of “channels” are simple present, past, simple future, and present continuous. Once you choose a “channel”, a lesson of the grammatical concept chosen will play. First, the child narrator will read the text at the top of the screen. On the first page, the concept is

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